AAWP Alternative – Why AmaLinks Pro (#1) is easily the better pick!

WARNING: Are you a new blogger or new Amazon Affiliate? AAWP may not work for you at all…

Read on to find out why AmaLinks Pro is a much better AAWP alternative for inserting Amazon affiliate links.

If you’re looking for the best AAWP alternative for inserting Amazon Affiliate links into your posts and pages, then you are in the right spot.

AmaLinks Pro provides a very easy to use interface that makes monetizing your blog super easy. Aside from that, there are a few VERY important reasons that AmaLinks Pro is a much better alternative to AAWP, so please read on. For thorough research if nothing else.

Step 1: Search Amazon from right within your WordPress dashboard

With AmaLinks Pro, you just search Amazon when editing any post or page from right within WordPress, never having to leave your editor to insert awesome Amazon affiliate links.

This makes monetizing any blog post very easy.

AAWP Alternative

Step 2: Choose from multiple types of product links

Choose from text links, image links, call-to-action buttons, product showcases and comparison tables – all making AmaLinks Pro the best AAWP alternative.

Best AAWP Plugin Alternative - AmaLinks Pro

Step 3: Insert your Amazon affiliate links into your blog posts and pages to monetize any type of WordPress website.

Amazon Affiliates for WordPress - Best Alternative Plugin

Perfect for hobby bloggers and very easy for new bloggers to use.

AmaLinks Pro: Non-API Features for Newer Amazon Affiliates

AAWP requires that you have access to the API to use their plugin.

AmaLinks Pro does not. 

AmaLinks Pro users who have not yet earned enough commissions to get API access can still insert links, showcases & comparison tables easily with all features that do not require access to the Amazon API.

This makes AmaLinks Pro much better AAWP alternative for beginner and intermediate bloggers and Amazon affiliates.

This is VERY POWERFUL in helping grow your Amazon commissions quickly so you can gain access to the Product Advertising API and start displaying prices and pulling images automatically.

AAWP users do not get this benefit.

AAWP Alternative

Frequently Asked Questions

From a recent thread in a popular Facebook group…

Question (from Brittney W):

What are your thoughts on the AAWP amazon affiliate plugin?

One AmaLinks Pro user spoke up with this answer (we got his permission to post it here)…

Answer (from Ryan K):

My take: AAWP sucks… Gutenberg sucks (classic editor all the way)… Amalinks is by far the best option for Amazon links.

I started using Amalinks pretty early on. (Over a year ago) and find that it is far superior to AAWP. So much better that I converted every link from AAWP to Amalinks on two sites I bought (pain in the a$$).

I also jumped on the opportunity to buy a lifetime plan of Amalinks for 2 reasons: because I’ve seen how well it works and because I’ve seen how they both listen to and make upgrades that users actually want. I have no doubt that they’ll be around for long enough for me to get a ton of value out of the lifetime plan…

Also, this may come across as promotional, but I just really believe in their product and service. It’s awesome. Also, I think AAWP just makes a site look like sh!t honestly. So outdated… Hope this helps!

From a Potential Buyer via our Questions Form…

Question (from Roy):

Hey guys,
I have been getting your levelup emails this past week and have learned so much, thanks.
I currently use AAWP and Tablepress for my posts, do you have any kind of import facility when setting up your plugin? It will take forever to replace all the shortcodes and links etc.

Answer (from Matt):

coming soon…

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