Can I Link to a Search Results Page on Amazon with My Affiliate Tag? [Q and A]

I came across this question in one of the Facebook groups that I’m in. Here is the exact question from one of the group members…

An Amazon affiliate link question… can I link to a product search page ie all the Hoka one one women trail shoes, or does it HAVE to go to a specific product detail page for one seller? I seem to be reading conflicting info about this – even when on the EasyAzon blog which says I can link to a search of ‘top sellers’ for a niche product! Any help appreciated.

I’m happy to help! This is an easy answer…

Can I Link to a Search Results Page on Amazon with My Affiliate Tag?

The quick answer is yes you can. Look no further than your Amazon Associates account!

How can I link to a search results page on Amazon with my affiliate tag?

  • Step 1 – login to your Amazon Associates account to access Amazon Associates Central
  • Step 2 – in the menu at the top – hover over Product Linking then select Link to Any Page
  • Step 3 – in the box below, click the Link to Search Results tab

You will see this…

Amazon link to any page

  • Step 4 – select the tracking ID you wish to use (upper right corner)
  • Step 5 – fill in the variables on the left then click Get HTML
  • Step 6 – preview the search results page (link just above the code box on right)
  • Step 7 – copy the HTML code and paste it into your website where you want the link to appear

Are You Allowed to Link to Search Results in Amazon as an Affiliate?

I think that answer is obvious now! Since Amazon provides a tool right within Amazon Associates Central for you to do this – YES! It’s absolutely allowed. It’s another great tool for Ama affiliates.

Is There an Easier Way to do this with AmaLinks Pro?

Most Amazon affiliate WordPress plugins do not offer this feature. At the time I am writing this post – AmaLinks Pro does not offer this feature either. Although, this question has made us aware of the desire for this type of feature and we are adding it to the list for a future update! In the meantime – AmaLinks Pro makes every other aspect of linking to products on Amazon SO much easier and better. Check out how it works on our demo page.

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