Affiliate Marketing Glossary


A backlink is an incoming hyperlink from another webpage that is on a different domain than the link destination. Google and other search engines use a web page's backlinks as a ranking signal. The mo... read more


Banners are image advertisements that display on your webpage. You can create and display your own custom image banners, or you can display banners using an ad service such as Adsense or another displ... read more

best seller list

Amazon best seller lists are updated hourly, and rank the 100 best-selling products in various categories. Products that sell more rise to the top. If a product is on the bestseller list, that's good ... read more

black hat seo

Black hat SEO refers to search engine optimization techniques that are done to falsely manipulate a web page's Google rankings and are against Google's rules for SEO. Black hat techniques are not ille... read more


Bluehost is a very large very popular website hosting company boasting over 2 million websites running on their servers. They offer many services from shared hosting to dedicated managed servers, to d... read more

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