Affiliate Marketing Glossary

call-to-action button

A call-to-action button is link that looks like a button, embedded within a web page with the goal of getting the visitor to click on the button. The text "Click Here" in a button makes a great call-t... read more

click fraud

Click fraud is when a person purposely clicks on paid advertisements with the goal of clicking their own ads to make money or any other fraudulent reason. Click fraud is important to understand if you... read more

click-through rate

Click-through rate (CTR) is a percentage-based calculation, used to see what percentage of website visitors are clicking a link or multiple links. A higher click-through rate on the a... read more


Clickbank is an affiliate marketing platform and marketplace for product owners and affiliates. Affiliates can sign up and promote the products listed in the Clickbank marketplace, and Clickbank serve... read more


ClickFunnels is a a platform and tool for building online sales funnels, and selling products through a system.... read more


Cloaking is when you obscure your affiliate link with a redirect. This hides the real destination to the user. People often use cloaking to make their links shorter and look nicer, but link cloaking i... read more

commisison rate

A commission rate is a set amount that is awarded to an affiliate for referring a successful sale or lead. Every affiliate program sets its own commission rates, and they can range from less than 1% t... read more


A commission is the amount an Amazon affiliate gets paid for referring a successful sale on Amazon through their affiliate link. Also, known as a referral. Different categories on Ama... read more

comparison table

A Comparison table is an HTML table that displays product information for various products to help the viewer compare products and make an educated buying decision. Often called responsive product com... read more

Constant Contact

Constant Contact is a popular email marketing, list manager, and autoresponder service provider. Constant Contact plans start at only $10 per month making them an inexpensive option for those just get... read more

content marketing

Content marketing spans a huge array of subtopics, but generally speaking, content marketing is the process of planning, creating, and promoting high-quality digital content - with the goal of promoti... read more


A conversion is when an online visitor takes a specific action the webpage owner desires. Examples of common conversions are a purchase, an email signup, a file download, or even a pageview. You can u... read more

conversion rate

Conversion rate (CR) is a percentage-based calculation, used to see what percentage of website visitors are making a purchase or taking some other desired action. A higher conversion ... read more


ConvertKit is an email marketing provider offering a full suite of tools to plan, run, and track email marketing campaigns and autoresponder series. ConvertKit offers email marketing automation helpin... read more

cookie expiration

Browser cookies can have expiration dates for themselves. Most affiliate tracking cookies have a set time limit it will stay in the browser's memory. Amazon's affiliate cookie is 24 hours. That means ... read more


Cookies are small text files of information that a website stores in your browser. Cookies are used for many different reasons, but the most common reason in affiliate marketing is to store the affili... read more

Core Web Vitals

Core Web Vitals is a measurement of a web page's performance as experienced by real users that Google started using as a ranking signal in August 2021. The three measurements that mnake up the core vi... read more

cost-per-click – CPC

Cost-per-click, often shortened to CPC refers to how much a digital advertisement costs the advertiser when a web visitor clicks on the link. For example, a banner ad can have a high cost-per-click if... read more


CSS stands for cascading style sheet. It is the coding language used to style web pages using layouts, colors, font styles, and more. CSS is one of the three current cornerstones of the internet we kn... read more

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