Affiliate Marketing Glossary

passive income

Passive income in relation to affiliate marketing means income that is generated from past work, taking little to no effort to maintain at the current time. Most affiliate marketing related income is ... read more

payment threshold

A payment threshold is an amount of earned commissions that an affiliate program requires an affiliate to make before they will pay the commissions to the affiliate. If your payment threshold is $100,... read more


Peerfly is a cost-per-action (CPA) affiliate network. Peerfly is considered one of the best CPA affiliate networks and works with many large brands such as Target, Uber, Gamefly, Fiverr, and many more... read more


PHP is a very commonly used open-source programming language that runs on the server-side. It is great for web development and bridges the HTML and the database. In WordPress for example, PHP is used ... read more


Podia is an online marketplace for selling online courses, membership programs, webinars, and other digital downloads. Easy to use and no technical website knowledge required. Podia offers unlimited e... read more

privacy policy

A privacy policy is a web page that tells your website visitors what information you collect, how you use it, who to contact in matters related to it, if you use cookies, how people can opt-out, and m... read more

private blog network – PBN

A private blog network is a grouping of websites owned by the same person, spread across different servers and web technologies, with the goal of tricking Google to think there is a lot of legitimate ... read more

product comparison table

A product comparison table is an interactive website element that displays products with various information side by side. Its purpose is to help the user see and compare product features to help them... read more

product review

A product review is a type of website or social media post where a specific product is reviewed. In affiliate marketing, this is with the goal of generating commissions by sending your audience to the... read more

product showcase box

A product showcase box in regards to affiliate marketing is a nicely designed box that shows off a product to make it appealing to the web page visitor, and catch their attention. It's the same tactic... read more

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