Affiliate Marketing Glossary

Rank Math

Rank Math is a popular WordPress search engine optimization plugin that makes it easy to optimize your content. Features include built-in suggestions while editing content, analytics, schema tags, and... read more


In terms of the Amazon affiliate program, a referral is an amount of money you earn for referring a successful sale through an affiliate link. The words referral and a commission can be used interchan... read more

referral rate

The referral rate is the percentage of a purchase that an affiliate gets paid. For the Amazon Associate's program, this amount varies per country and category. Some categories have a ... read more


Remarketing is a type of paid online advertising. When a visitor visits a website that remarkets, that visitor is added to a remarketing audience. A cookie is stored in the web browser of the visitor,... read more

Remarketing Audience

A remarketing audience is a group of people who have visited a particular web page and are grouped and tracked with browser cookies. The web page publisher can then show advertisements on that browser... read more

responsive design

Responsive design is a way of designing web pages so they adapt and display optimally on all screen sizes. A responsive website will look different on a mobile device, table, and large computer screen... read more

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