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Member Earnings for Last Month

The Goal: One Million Dollars

We want to report $1 Million in cumulative Amazon Affiliate earnings in a single month

The Why: Because we are stronger together

We work hard on our websites and blogs. We’re entitled to be a part of something bigger – a movement – a challenge that enables Amazon Affiliates to work together and motivate each other to increase earnings

The How: Monthly reporting and participation

Members of this challenge share with us (privately) their monthly Amazon income figures – we take care of the calculations and reporting – participation in the group is entirely up to each individual

The Plan: Increase participants & earnings

How do you get to $1 Million in cumulative earnings? 1,000 participants times $1,000 per month or 2,000 participants times $500 per month or 5,000 participants times $200 per month. We will gather as many participants as possible and we’ll all help each other with strategies and tips to increase our Amazon Affiliate earnings

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The Income Reports

Cumulative earnings from last months report...


Each month, we publish a detailed blog post where we share all of the nitty gritty facts & figures. Check out the latest posts below…

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Member Spotlight

We have some amazing participants!

Every Amazon Affiliate has their own story to tell. You can learn a great deal by reading about other peoples experiences. Our unique interview questions don’t just talk about internet marketing and business – we get personal as well. Get inspired by checking out some of the latest posts below…

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Members Only

It's not just about reporting the numbers...

Yeah – we want to get to the $1 Million milestone as quickly as possible. But really, it’s all about the community. We want to bring together Amazon Affiliates from all corners of the web so we can all help each other succeed and thrive.

  • It’s totally FREE to join!
  • There will be some sort of group or community where members can interact
    • (platform undecided at this point)
  • We will have a private Resources Page filled with suggestions from members

A movement to empower Amazon Affiliates

It’s not uncommon to feel powerless when dealing with an eCommerce powerhouse like Amazon. Together – we can create a movement that puts the little guys & gals back in control. Amazon will have their successes and Jeff Bezos will make his billions – but it’s our time now. It’s time for you and for me – the little bloggers and web content creators. It’s our turn to take back at least $1 Million per month from Amazon!

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Million Dollar Amazon Affiliate Challenge - AmaLinks Pro

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