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Josh Koop – Member Spotlight

Welcome to the latest edition of our Member Spotlight feature for the AmaLinks Pro® Million Dollar Challenge! We are pleased to welcome Josh Koop. Josh happens to be part of the AmaLinks Pro® team as our lead customer satisfaction specialist (support agent). Let’s get straight to the questions! Here we go…

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Tell us about you (and your family).

My name is Josh and I am married to a wonderful woman who can deal with me and my crazy. My daughter is somehow 12 already and I am totally unclear where the time went and it only seems to keep moving faster!

Where do you live?

The great state of Texas

What is your education level?

I have a computer networking associates degree and a lot of school of hard knocks. If I was rich I would probably end up back in school as I enjoy knowing more but really despise homework.

How did you get started with internet marketing (making money online)?

Honestly, since 1997 I have helped build forums, tweaks forums, and do menial real-world work. A couple of times I thought I could pull it off and maybe if I was as knowledgeable as now I may have pulled it off. The most recent re-immersion started about 1.5 years ago when I started researching dropshipping, still not sure it is good but some people make a killing. So I am a newb and not at the exact same time!

Would you mind sharing your website(s) or blog?

I used to run a blog called to help people with Acabado since there is no official support but have since been used and abused so I dumped it and am instead focusing on my websites. If you want to read the most recent one which is replacing Acabado it is which is really just about learning how to do things in the blogging world.  My first niche site was drones and was a failure as I couldn’t gauge competition, then I failed with keto as I still hadn’t learned enough. Next was a site that still runs but is a micro-micro niche:

I don’t charge for my stuff and never will, instead I believe if I am successful then I can show how I did it not make them pay for it, those who can’t do, teach.

How much did you earn online last month?

From all income sources related to websites, approximately $300.

Have you taken any online courses or training?

Income School and I do feel I learned a decent amount of actual blogging skills that I would have had issues with without the focused thoughts. Since they are one of the cheapest online I still feel for a starter they are a perfect opportunity to learn and get immersed, though not transfixed in my belief that they are the messiah either.

Do you produce other types of content?

I am decent at graphics, not much other content though.

Are you big on social media?

Nope, really just old friends, a few web development related groups and a few affiliate groups more to keep a pulse on the landscape and not to be caught off guard.

Have you had anything go viral?

haha, no

What are some of your personal hobbies or passions?

I love tech, computers, hiking, camping, rock climbing, paintball, and so much more. I love going to soccer games with my daughter and just being a father in general.

What is your big goal with your internet marketing ventures?

To figure out the best way to enable me to pay for college if my daughter chooses to go and to have the ability to enjoy family vacations more and be forced into having to work and instead work because I enjoy it. I would love to say “be a millionaire” like many others before me but honestly, I just don’t care and know that time here is limited and you can’t take it with you, it is finite and could end tomorrow.

What keeps you motivated to continue growing your internet income?

Making sure that my family is taken care of and more the challenge to myself that it can be done, that I could choose to work for myself and move away from having an 8-5 job if I so chose is always going to be appealing when your only boss is yourself.

What is your favorite book that you’ve read?

Probably Rich Dad Poor Dad, regardless of your belief in Robert Kiyosaki the book itself tries to explain assets from liabilities which many people don’t understand and I thought I did. I look at things much differently now because of it.

Rich Dad Poor Dad: What the Rich Teach Their Kids About Money That the Poor and Middle Class Do Not!

What is your favorite thing that you’ve purchased online recently?

My Aftershokz Aeropex Headphones, if you haven’t checked out the tech before take some time and check it out. They are awesome for when you need your hearing but want to listen to audiobooks also.

Anything else you would like to share?

I am a textbook nerd, I love to read, I love to learn, if you outwork me I want to know how and why I failed in comparison. I am frequently my own worst critic even when others consider me successful. I replay failures more often as I expect success, when I fail there is something to learn and hence deeper understanding. Don’t fear being wrong, fear not caring that you were wrong.

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