No Amazon API Access? No Problem!

Here's a sneak-peek of our upcoming NON-API Features*

* Non-API Features are NOT YET AVAILABLE.

Attention Bloggers, WordPress Publishers, and Amazon Affiliates!

Perhaps you are you new to the Amazon Affiliate program and you don’t yet have access to their API? Maybe you’re not new, but Amazon has taken away your API access with their new strict quota policies…

You are now left with zero options when it comes to utilizing the power of Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugins. Yet these plugins are essential to fast earnings growth on your website.

Sounds like a pretty bad disadvantage, doesn’t it?

If this describes you, then you know exactly what I mean.

AmaLinks Pro is excited to introduce some new features that puts the power of an Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin back into your hands and onto your pages.

Image Links

Search Amazon from within your WordPress dashboard, copy your SiteStripe code, paste it into AmaLinks Pro and let us align it and insert it properly.
Couldn’t be easier.

Product Showcases

Add the same beautiful product showcases our API users can build, without needing the API. You add the data manually using your SiteStripe image code.
Watch your pages convert.

Comparison Tables

Comparison Tables Convert, just ask any successful Amazon Affiliate. Create mobile friendly product comparison tables without needing the API. 
The Best Table Builder.

* These features are currently in development

We’re working extremely hard to get these features released for you as soon as possible. Our top priority right now is to make sure that our non-API features are ready in time for our upcoming Black Friday through Cyber Monday sale.

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