Build Stunning Amazon Product Reviews with AmaLinks Pro and Elementor

Coleman 2 Burner Propane Camping Stove

Have you noticed that page builders are sweeping the WordPress nation?

Here at AmaLinks Pro - we LOVE Elementor and everything they have to offer.

Many of the pages on this very website are built using Elementor. Possibilities for what you can do with a webpage are limitless with a powerful page builder like Elementor.

We want to show you an example product review post that we put together using the powerful features that come with AmaLinks Pro along with the amazing capabilities of our favorite page builder – Elementor.

We’re going to do a before and after scenario. So let’s just jump right in!

Check Out Our Product Review on WordPress with GeneratePress Theme

Since the very beginning of this website

We’ve had the exact same example product review post published. It’s a review post for a Coleman Classic Propane Camp Stove.

This post was created in the regular WordPress Post editor (using the Classic Editor which is available now via plugin) and features all of the elements that are available within AmaLinks Pro.

CLICK HERE to see the original product review post 
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View the Stunning Makeover of the Exact Same Product Review using Elementor

Prepare to be amazed …

CLICK HERE to see the stunning version of the product review
(opens in new window)

Our lead developer (AC) needs to have some fun once in a while and he took some time (between coding sessions) to create this page using the Elementor page builder. You’ll notice that the content is EXACTLY the same as the original post – but it’s laid out and presented in a very eye-catching and professionally developed manner.

All of the Amazon links (including images) on the page and every other element that links over to Amazon were created using AmaLinks Pro. Check this out!

To be fair – this particular product happened to have several ‘real-life’ photos available in the images for the product on Amazon. Meaning that we had access to these photos to insert via the Amazon API to use for this post. Not all products have great photos like this one. But in this case – it worked out!

One of my favorite aspects about this post is how we use Showcase Boxes in the 2-column format parts of the post – and the Showcase Boxes automatically resize to fit inside the container in a responsive manner.

Another thing that I noticed… AC is very sleek here – he added some simple text just above the product comparison table…

“Click any image for more details”

It’s subtle, yet conspicuous and it puts a subconscious message in the reader’s head that almost makes them want to click on images in the table – which brings them to Amazon and sets your affiliate cookie!

Update: Check Out AC’s Post here that shows hard data evidence that this technique is working great to increase clicks. It’s as if this phrase has some magical power!

How to Use AmaLinks Pro with Page Builders Like Elementor

To be fair… I should explain that AmaLinks Pro does not work ‘within’ page builders – but it does work with them.

The thing about page builders… they make the WordPress experience totally NOT WordPress – and AmaLinks Pro is just a WordPress plugin at this time.

Luckily – it’s not hard at all to create AmaLinks Pro elements and insert them into whichever page builder you prefer to use. 

Here is our full tutorial post for how to use AmaLinks Pro with page builders like Elementor, Thrive and others.

The ‘stunning’ example product review post linked to above is just one example. The possibilities are endless – no matter which page builder you prefer to use.

Get started today - create some amazing Amazon product reviews using AmaLinks Pro and your favorite page builder.

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