Affiliate Program Features for AmaLinks Pro

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With YOUR success in mind – we’re offering extremely generous terms and benefits and amazing features within our affiliate program. We want you to earn as much money as possible by promoting the best damn Amazon affiliate WordPress plugin that currently exists…

Be sure you read and understand the Affiliate Terms of Use for AmaLinks Pro

50% Commissions – Lifetime – Recurring

  • 50% commissions for ALL eligible purchases (older than 30 days and have not been refunded)
  • Lifetime commissions – you get credit for any/all future purchases made by people you refer
    • Ex: buyer purchases Basic plan – then later upgrades to Premium – you get credit!
  • Recurring commissions – you get credit for recurring payments – when we get paid, you get paid!
    • Ex: buyer purchases an annual recurring plan – you get paid on first purchase and all future payments until they cancel

Generous 90-Day Cookie

  • You get 90 days from the time one of your referrals lands on our site for them to make a purchase and you get the credit
    • Remarketing – we pay for ads to get people who have visited the website to come back. If you originally referred them to our site – you will get credit if they buy within 90 days!
    • Email marketing – we have an extensive email series for subscribers… so if any of your referrals get on our email list then decide to buy later, you’ll still get credit as long as it’s within the first 90 days!
  • Last referrer gets credit
    • Say a buyer lands on our site from a different affiliate but does not buy. Later, you convince them to buy and they get to our site via your affiliate link. You would get the credit. We have it set so the last referrer always gets the credit.

Monthly Payouts

  • Payouts are made via PayPal ONLY. You MUST have a PayPal account in order to get paid for your qualifying commissions
  • Payouts are sent no later than the first full business week of each month for all qualified commissions
    • Qualified commissions are for referrals that are older than 30 days and have not been refunded

Great Affiliate Dashboard & User Interface

  • Many features, options, settings and reports available for your convenience in the Affiliate Area
    • My Links – access your unique affiliate link and create affiliate links that point to ANY page on our site
    • My Statistics – access your affiliate stats
    • My Referrals – view detailed information on your successful affiliate referrals
    • My Payouts – view your payout information – the money we owe you or that we’ve paid to you
    • My Creatives – access logos or graphics available for use when you promote us
    • My Settings – change your PayPal email address, turn notification on/off, set your custom slug


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