Meet the AmaLinks Pro Team

Matthew Allen

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Matt has been a blogger and internet marketer since 2011. His claim to fame is that he is “the only known trucker blogging about creating passive income online,” which is evidenced on his Dumb Passive Income blog.

Alchemy Coder

Alchemy Coder

Co-Founder & Chief Technical Officer

AC has been an Internet Marketer since 2012 and a WordPress Wizard for even longer. Whipping up WP plugins is his specialty. Luckily for us – he’s willing to turn the code to gold for all of us by sharing his expertise with the world.

Alvin M

Virtual Assistant and Details Extraordinaire

Alvin is a WordPress expert and all-around internet marketing aficionado. He handles a bunch of the back-end tasks that make all the difference for AmaLinks Pro!

Josh Koop

Josh Koop

Customer Satisfaction
and Support Maestro

Josh has a background in Information Technology – but has a passion for WordPress and affiliate websites. He handles our support portal like a boss and he truly is a master when it comes to all things technical.

Tim Vincent

Tim Vincent

Blogging Virtuoso and Word Magician

Tim is a graphic designer by day, a writer by night, and a dog-dad all the time. He got addicted to blogging back in 2016 and his dream is to live a self-sufficient lifestyle in the wild woods.

Bulldog Gigi

White Noise Specialist & Sleep Expert

Gigi spends about 90% of her time sleeping and snoring. Her soft and mellow snore soothes the office environment by creating an ideal ambiance in the most natural way.


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