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Here at AmaLinks Pro®, we listen to our customers and work hard at delivering the features and support that we would want for ourselves. After all – AmaLinks Pro® was Built for US by US.

Spencer Haws

Spencer Haws

I’ve been pleasantly surprised with how easy and versatile AmaLinks Pro® has been in helping me manage my Amazon affiliate links. In particular, I love the fact that I can custom create great-looking “buy” buttons that match my theme and are easy enough that my authors can insert my affiliate buttons in my articles.

“Is it the best tool out there? I’ll let you be the judge. I really like it. I use it on my sites. It does what I need it to do… now it really is right there at the top of the pile.”

Amy B

Amy B

The Edible Terrace​

AmaLinks Pro® is the third Amazon affiliate plugin I have used and hands down, the best one. Not only is it incredibly easy to use, but the products display beautifully on my posts and there are a ton of customizations I can do to tweak each product display to make it my own for my visitors. (i.e. edit the title of the product)

I am particularly in love with the Showcase view. There are a ton of layout options and it’s very attractive. One of the cool things I was able to change out, was the color of the button to better stand out (and yet still complement) on my website.

Almost forgot to mention theTable Builder add-on. I totally recommend it. It is incredibly easy to use and creates a VERY attractive table.

Ryan K​

In response to a question, in a popular Facebook group, about AAWP – Ryan had this to say…

“My take: AAWP sucks… Gutenberg sucks (classic editor all the way)…

AmaLinks Pro® is by far the best option for Amazon links.

I started using Amalinks pretty early on. (Over a year ago) and find that it is far superior to AAWP. So much better that I converted every link from AAWP to AmaLinks Pro® on two sites I bought (pain in the a$).

I also jumped on the opportunity to buy a lifetime plan of AmaLinks Pro® for 2 reasons: because I’ve seen how well it works and because I’ve seen how they both listen to and make upgrades that users actually want. I have no doubt that they’ll be around for long enough for me to get a ton of value out of the lifetime plan…

Also, this may come across as promotional, but I just really believe in their product and service. It’s awesome.

Also, I think AAWP just makes a site look like sh!t honestly. So outdated… Hope this helps!”

Bonnie W​

If you’re an Amazon associate, you NEED this plugin! As a mom of 5, I have limited time to spend blogging and need to use it wisely.

Before Amalinks Pro, I often didn’t add affiliate links to posts just because it took so much extra time to login to my Amazon account, find the links, and insert them into my post.

Now, I’m monetizing way more of my posts because it only takes a couple clicks of my mouse to insert an Amazon affiliate link!

This is one of the THE best, most useful plugins I’ve found!

Muhammad S​

I have tried other plugins but this is the easiest and most powerful plugin EVER. You can easily insert affiliate links,
images (via API) and of course the beautiful tables! (ALL IN ONE)

The best parts? It follows Amazons Policies, support is really awesome and Matt (the owner) is ready to hear your suggestions
and implement so that WE can benefit from this plugin AS MUCH AS WE CAN, without paying any extra $.

I highly recommend this plugin!!

Doug S​

I purchased AmaLinks Pro® based based on a recommendation, and I have to say… am I glad I did! Not only does it save me time by making adding products super fast, but they look great, and are very customizable too.

Within days I noticed my Click Through Rates double and even triple in some cases! My only regret is not finding this sooner 🙂

AmaLinks Pro® Customer Case Studies

Check out these customer case studies. All three customers were able to increase the number of people clicking their Amazon affiliate links INSTANTLY by using the AmaLinks Pro® Product Showcase Boxes and Product Comparison Tables, and now Amalinks Pro Shortcodes.

Josh K

Let me tell you, the Amalinks Pro plugin’s new V3 update is an absolute game-changer! Shortcodes? They’re like magic wands for creating fast and efficient affiliate content to help you boost affiliate sales. This plugin’s taken my Amazon earnings to new heights. If you’re serious about affiliate marketing, Amalinks Pro is the secret weapon you need. 🔥

Brian E

Brian E

Internet Income Coach​

One of my favorite things about AmaLinks Pro® is that it’s one of those “small hinges that open big doors.” It’s really quick and easy to add beautiful images to the website which I think actually increases the user experience on the site while simultaneously increasing CTR and earnings.

I’m looking forward to going beyond the pages that we tested and rolling out Amalinks Pro across the entire site.

Read about how we increased CTR’s to Amazon on Brian’s site, in the health and fitness niche, by over 263%.

Kat C​

Here is an actual (unsolicited) email we received from Kat one day…

I just wanted to let you all know you are providing some of the best after-sales customer service I have ever received. If not for you I would not have been aware of this Amazon API issue so quickly and your detailed instructions helped me get ahead of it.

I also appreciate your emails to let me know when you have updates. Very helpful.

Keep up the good work.”

Marty M​

I like what AmaLinks Pro® has to offer. Documentation is very good, which is something I can’t often say for the competition. It’s especially great for those of you starting your first affiliate site. There’s a lot to offer, it’s user-friendly, and it’s easy to get moving quickly. Give it a try!

Derek D​

My team and I love AmaLinks Pro®! This plugin saved us countless hours of work! Before, I would cringe at the thought of creating new Amazon review articles. Now, we click on the AmaLinks Pro® icon, search for the product name & insert links and images easily. I am so happy that we purchased AmaLinks Pro® and would highly recommend this to anyone.