AmaLinks Pro® SiteStripe Migration

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I upgrade my plan later if I need to use AmaLinks Pro® on more sites?

Yes. Upgrading your plan is easy. You simply log in to your account and access the Licenses tab then click on the link that says, View Upgrades. Your available upgrade amounts will display (the current cost of plans minus the amount you have already paid). Select the plan you want to upgrade to and then continue to checkout.

What happens if I let my subscription expire?

All links and shortcodes you create and insert into your website using AmaLinks Pro® will stop working if your license expires or becomes inactive for any reason. You will also not be able to create any new links using all of the awesome features built in to AmaLinks Pro®. Note: The AmaLinks Pro® plugin MUST remain installed and activated for existing links to work. You WILL NOT be able to receive important plugin updates without an active license on your site.

Does AmaLinks Pro® have a free trial?

We do not offer a free trial - but at the same time, we are not trying to hide anything. You can see everything that AmaLinks Pro® is capable of on our Demo page (video and example post). We also have a  diamond-plated, rock-solid - no questions asked - 100% money-back guarantee within the first 30 days. So there is absolutely no risk to you to try it out.

Why annual vs one-time payments?

We use the recurring payment model for AmaLinks Pro® mainly because we are continuously working on and improving the plugin and have plans to do so indefinitely. As a subscriber to and user of AmaLinks Pro® - you will notice constant changes and improvements over time. Without recurring revenue - what would be our motivation to keep moving forward? AmaLinks Pro® is not a one-and-done deal. It just keeps getting better and better. Look at one of the competing Amazon affiliate Wordpress plugins, for example. EasyAzon. They were (by far) the most popular for several years, but they only charged a one-time fee and look what happened to EasyAzon... They haven't made any major changes or improvements in years. And when they did release new versions (years ago), they had to ask their current customers to pay again to get the newest version! With AmaLinks Pro® - we are being honest and up front with our subscription model. The Blogger, Basic and Premium plans (our most popular) are annually recurring (you pay yearly). We DO offer one-time payment for our Platinum plan (lifetime subscription) - although it is quite a bit more expensive than the annually recurring plans.

What if I buy/sell a site with AmaLinks Pro®?

AmaLinks Pro® licenses are not transferable. If you sell a site with AmaLinks Pro® - you should remove your license key before transferring the site. All existing links created on the site using AmaLinks Pro® will still work as long as the plugin remains installed and activated and you have active API credentials and tracking ID's in place. At the time of transfer - you will want to swap out the sellers API keys and tracking ID's with new ones from the buyer. This will ensure that the API connection is valid so our advanced link types will continue to work. Use a find/replace plugin to replace tracking ID's in all existing links on the site. If the buyer would like to use AmaLinks Pro® to create new links - they will have to purchase their own license key for AmaLinks Pro®.

What Amazon affiliate countries are supported?

AmaLinks Pro® works in every country that has an Amazon Associates program (that we know of). Amazon is constantly improving and adding countries. If you know of a country that isn't on our list - let us know and we will consider adding it. View all of the Amazon affiliate countries.

What is required to use AmaLinks Pro®?

  • You must be using a self-hosted version of WordPress (not
  • Your site must be running on PHP 7.0 or higher (check with your host)
  • You must have an approved Amazon Associates account
  • To use the full version of AmaLinks Pro® - you must be signed up for the Amazon Product Advertising API and you must have current API keys that work with Amazon's new API 5
  • API access is no longer required! We now have No-API mode which allows you to use AmaLinks Pro® even without API access.

Does AmaLinks Pro® work with page builders like Elementor or Thrive?

Yes - AmaLinks Pro® link types can be inserted into page builders like Elementor or Thrive or any other page builder. We have a full tutorial post on how to insert AmaLinks Pro® links into Elementor or Thrive. Basically, AmaLinks Pro® links can be used anywhere you can insert a shortcode into Wordpress.

Does AmaLinks Pro® work in the Block editor or the Classic editor?

Yes. AmaLinks Pro® is compatible with and works seamlessly both in the new Block 'Gutenberg' editor and in the WordPress Classic editor (available now with the Classic editor plugin).

Can I use AmaLinks Pro® to insert affiliate links from affiliate programs other than Amazon?

No. AmaLinks Pro® is an Amazon affiliate WordPress plugin only. We are purposely limiting our use to Amazon affiliates only for several reasons. We want to remain focused on maintaining our reputation as the BEST WordPress plugin for Amazon affiliates while keeping the user interface as simple as possible. Amazon is easily the most popular and most powerful affiliate program in the world - and AmaLinks Pro® enhances the Amazon affiliate experience for WordPress users. The biggest and most important reason that we choose to incorporate with Amazon only is due to Amazon's policy that doesn't allow it's affiliates to link to other affiliate products on same pages that use Amazon content (like images) to promote products. Read more about this lesser-known rule here.

How does AmaLinks Pro® handle geo-targeting?

Geo-targeting (aka link localization) is complex. We've built AmaLinks Pro® to be fully compatible with 2 different 3rd party services that do a phenomenal job with link localization for Amazon affiliate links - Amazon OneLink and Genius Link. We published a very detailed blog post which explains it all in detail here. The gist of it is that we didn't have to build link localization (geo-targeting) as a feature within AmaLinks Pro® because other services already cover that really well and they are fully compatible with AmaLinks Pro®.

Does AmaLinks Pro® include a WordPress widget?

At this time we do not have an official widget - but that is in our plans for a future update. YES, you can insert AmaLinks Pro® links in widget areas manually. Here is an awesome tutorial post that shows you exactly how - including a unique strategy that we use to make Amazon product links stick to the page when a user scrolls down (on desktop).

Does AmaLinks Pro® have an affiliate program?

Yes! Here are details about the benefits of promoting AmaLinks Pro® as an affiliate. We would love to have you on board. To get registered, go here and fill out the quick application. We look forward to helping you earn lots of money with affiliate commissions!

Do you teach SEO or other traffic strategies?

We articles on how to grow your SEO and other traffic + we have a Done-for-You Content plan to grow/scale your SEO traffic. We also focus our time and energy on maintaining AmaLinks Pro® as THE very best Amazon affiliate plugin that ever existed based on user feedback and market desires.