AmaLinks Pro® SiteStripe Migration

AmaLinks Pro® No-API Mode

Pay Attention New Amazon Affiliates!

Attention Bloggers, Content Creators, and new Amazon Affiliates!

Did you know that brand new Amazon Affiliates do not get API access right away?

If you are a new Amazon affiliate that has not already made 3 successful referrals or sales through your Amazon affiliate links,


Did you also know that most other Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugins require that you already have access to the API to use them at all?

Some other popular Amazon plugins even use web scraping to get around this, even though this can result in your Amazon Associates account being permanently banned and all of your unpaid commissions forfeited. (They do not tell you this on their sales pages)

AmaLinks Pro® is the only Amazon Affiliate linking solution that can switch between No-API mode and API mode seamlessly, in full compliance with Amazon’s policies.

Perfect for all bloggers, content creators, and those who are new to the Amazon affiliate Program.

No-API and API Side-by-side Comparison


What is the Purpose of the No-API Mode?

First, it’s important to understand that the No-API mode is intended to be used only when needed.


No-API mode is a stepping stone to help you earn API access faster. The end goal is to use the API mode and the full set of features that AmaLinks Pro® offers.

As mentioned earlier – Amazon requires a new affiliate to refer 3 sales before they can gain access to the Product Advertising API.

When you are just getting started as an Amazon Affiliate, it can take a long time to make your first few sales and gain API access.

The faster you can make your first 3 Amazon sales, the better.



*** Important Changes to No-API From December 2023 ***

Amazon decided in Dec 2023 to remove the SiteStripe options for Images and Images + Text from their offerings to No-API users.

To address this new curveball we worked diligently to replace the lost functionality for users without the API with an amazing addition that grants much more flexibility.

Our update creates the ability to utilize your WordPress media library. Granting you wide access to a range of new and better images to be used, like self-taken images or high-quality options provided by vendors.

This now opens you up to make even more creative Product Showcases and Tables!

New Image Functionality

With the sunset of any image options from Amazon we have opened up the images to use your media library. This allows you much more freedom to use images within the Product Showcases and Tables on your site.

These images can be self taken or possibly ones from your vendors allowing you to vastly customize these to better suit your needs! Check it out below!

Custom Image Inserted Into Amalinks Pro Showcase

*** Please Note: It is against the Amazon TOS to download their images and upload them to your site, please take care to make only good decisions ***


AmaLinks Pro® can help you get these successful sales much faster. 

You can get started right away with our No-API mode and use it to speed up the process of making your first 3 sales.

This enables you to use our high converting product showcase boxes, product comparison tables, and call-to-action buttons without the API, then seamlessly switch to the API mode once you gain access to the API.


AmaLinks Pro® Customer Case Studies

Check out these customer case studies. All three customers were able to increase the number of people clicking their Amazon affiliate links INSTANTLY by using the AmaLinks Pro® Product Showcase Boxes and Product Comparison Tables.

Check out this case study where we increased a customer’s click-through-rate by over 256% using our product showcase boxes!


Here is another case study where using our product showcase boxes resulted in a 386% increase in Amazon Affiliate link clicks for one of our users.


On one of our customer’s full product review style posts, we increased the click-through-rate by a whopping 263%!

How AmaLinks Pro® works seamlessly with
No-API mode and API mode

Step 1

If you do not have access to the Amazon Product Advertising API, then use Amalinks Pro’s high converting product showcase boxes, product comparison tables, and call-to-action buttons to increase the number of visitors clicking on your affiliate links.

This will help you generate your first 3 successful sales as quickly and easily as possible.

Step 2

After you get 3 successful Amazon affiliate referrals, you can contact Amazon affiliate support and request API access. You need to make at least one successful affiliate referral per month to keep your access.

Step 3

Now that you have Amazon API Access, you can switch to using the API mode to unleash the full power of AmalLinks Pro. That means you can search Amazon from right within your dashboard, and pull live prices and images from the API.

What happens if you lose your access to the Amazon API?

(likely you do not meet the minimum 1 referral quota set by Amazon)

Will all of your API-generated showcases and comparison tables stop working?

Of course not!

All of your links and AmaLinks Pro® affiliate content will keep working.

All you have to do is switch AmaLinks Pro® back into the No-API mode and you can continue monetizing your website. Once you get API access again, simply turn off No-API mode.

You can go back and forth seamlessly if you need to, without hassle, all in the same plugin – and provide a consistently high-quality experience to your visitors.

If you are a new Amazon Affiliate without API access – do the smart thing…

Use AmaLinks Pro®.

Your visitors will appreciate you.