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Done for You Content to Turbocharge Your Speed to Market & Google-Proof Your SEO

Have you ever looked at the steady upward trend of another website and wondered: what’s their secret? 

  • How are they doing that, and why is mine flat or fading? 
  • Why are they making money, and I’m not?

The answer may be simpler than you think. The secret to success isn’t a gimmick or some clever new SEO trend. It’s all about content creation. Getting plenty of fresh, relevant, high-quality content on your site that connects with your audience will get you those pretty upward trending graphs

Yet, content creation is time-consuming, and while you can do it yourself, we all have limits on what we can do, and if you want a shortcut, thankfully, there is a solution.

Discover what done-for-you content is and how it can help you transform your traffic story. We can do the hard work for you!

Battle-Tested Process: Google-Proof SEO + Content Creation/Publishing = Faster to Rank in Google + ROI

SEO methods come and go. But there is one tried-and-tested way to rank on Google: faster (but still high quality) content creation. That involves publishing a regular stream of articles with well-optimized, relevant keywords.

It’s easy to see why this works.

Publishing many articles gives you more opportunities to rank. You increase the likelihood of your target audience finding your website.

You want to earn from your SEO work so you’ll need to have a monetization strategy to ensure each of those posts gets you a positive ROI. In our case studies, we focus on 3 methods of making money:

  1. Affiliate marketing via content links
  2. Display ads on content pages
  3. Branded product sales 

Our internal research has shown the power of this rapid content strategy. 

  • At AmaLinks Pro®, we saw a 73% organic traffic boost from our process. 
  • Our sister brand, Loop King Laces, saw a similarly robust 67% traffic surge.

The ROI speaks for itself, too. Loop King Laces saw nearly double SEO traffic growth. AmaLinks Pro® had about the same doubling of SEO traffic growth. And this is just after 12 months; the true exponential benefits happen in months 24-48 and beyond.

So, who should consider getting our “done for you content” package?

  • Niche sites looking to monetize through affiliate links
  • Any business looking to sell online + get more sales
  • Health coaches selling their services
  • Any organization that wants to reach new prospects through new content
  • Anyone with a course or program to sell
  • Life coaches with ebooks
  • Anyone else looking to scale your content + SEO traffic faster

Our Affiliate Marketing Case Studies & Testimonials: Thriving in Google’s “Helpful Content” Algorithm

If you want affiliate, ad or product income from your website, you can’t simply rely on adding a few posts and hoping for the best. You need a comprehensive strategy that will maximize your earnings.

We created AmaLinks Pro® with that in mind. It’s a WordPress plugin with an advanced toolset to help you find relevant Amazon links for your post.

Most importantly, it presents those in a way that will appeal to your readers and make them far more likely to click and convert. Our product showcase box, for example, can increase your conversion rate by showing high-quality images, descriptions, and prices. Plus, our tool is fully compliant with Amazon’s affiliate policies.

You can view this case study, where several sites saw a 412% ROI (just from adding affiliate links to existing articles they’d already published).

For information on how to get started with AmaLinks Pro® and to see our packages, book your first strategy session below. To kickoff your “Done For You” Content Package for your website, we do a 60 minute strategy session to get things rolling. Assuming you purchase one of our 3 content packages, your $300 deposit will be applied to your chosen package.


How & Why Our Content Process is Unique: 6 Key Differences

There are many reasons AmaLinks Pro® is unique in the market. Here are six reasons you won’t find this type of tool elsewhere.

  1. Veteran SEO Expertise: You’ve got a Senior SEO Consultant, Miles Anthony Smith in your corner who has had success for clients from Okta to Alsco to IG Design Group Americas. Miles is the chief affiliate marketer at AmaLinks Pro®, author, entrepreneur, SEO consultant, keynote speaker, investor, & owner of businesses that generate affiliate + ad income (Loop King Laces, Why Stuff Sucks, & Kompelling Kars). He’s spent the past 3 decades growing revenues for other’s businesses as well as his own. Miles has an MBA from Oklahoma State and has been featured in Entrepreneur, Wikipedia, GoDaddy, Search Engine Watch, Advertising Week, & Neil Patel.
  2. We Have Tested It on Our Sites: We’ve used our SEO experience to test these methods on Loop King Laces and AmaLinks Pro®. So, we know firsthand that this works and delivers results.
  3. Precise Targeting: We are laser focused on finding lower competition opportunities which increase speed to rank. These are targeted opportunities that will help you get faster results.
  4. We Analyze Competitors: We use a content gap analysis to help you spot opportunities and outperform competitors. Depending on your package, we can work with you to find content that will help you rank higher. 
  5. We Understand Quality Links: The power of excellent links drives your affiliate income. We understand that and know how to create a strategy to maximize your earnings via internal and external link-building. We understand the importance of links and will leverage that depending on the package you choose.
  6. Powerful Reporting: Meaningful reporting will help you improve your traffic and conversion rates. So, our tool comes with robust reporting functionality (depending on your package), giving you the information at your fingertips to help you improve your financial results.


6 Step Bullet-Proof Content Creation/Publishing Process

Below is our straightforward six-step content creation process, removing all of the headache. It’s proven to work and takes the complexity and confusion out of this aspect of blogging.

  1. Discovery Process: The first step is the discovery phase. Here, we will get an understanding of the client’s website and their objectives. This helps determine what content they need.
  2. SEO Research: The next step is to identify keywords. These are low-competition phases that will offer relevant, high rankings.
  3. Write Articles: The third step involves creating the articles. Here, we’ll craft keyword-rich titles and engaging content. We’ll also add the relevant affiliate links if that’s part of your package. 
  4. Review Articles: Before publishing the articles, they will go through a review process. This checks for accuracy and relevancy.  
  5. Publish Articles: Once the articles have gone through a quality check, they are ready for us to publish them. Regular, fresh content will help rank you and get visitors back to your website.
  6. Reporting: Once an article is live, it’s time to check the performance. The reporting helps website owners see which content works the best to help shape their future strategy.

3 Content Packages To Boost Your Sites “Helpful Content”

At AmaLinks Pro®, we have devised three content packages to suit your budget and website goals. Here are your options to choose from: 

  • The “Good” Package

If you recently launched a website (or just need to add to an existing one), this is the best option for you to begin outsourcing content creation. It’s our starter package, with pricing from $4,571. You get 100 articles and keyword research.  

  • The “Better” Package

This package is for those with an established website, with prices starting from $11,589. You’ll get competitor analysis, keyword support, content support, and 175 articles. Our team will also add affiliate links for you. 

  • The “Best” Package

Our top package is for those needing accelerated growth and fast results. Prices start from $17,512. You’ll get in-depth tailored consultation, advanced competitor research, and 250 articles.

With this package, you’ll also get more advanced SEO support, including backlinks from established websites. 

   Good  Better (Most Popular)  Best
 Pricing  $4,571  $11,589  $17,512
Who’s this Best for? New or smaller sites who are looking to hit the ground running or supplement their content with other efforts.  ⬆️Growth focused sites who need to significantly ramp up their content generation.  🚀 Aggressive growth focused sites who need their content creation to take off like a rocket ship.
What’s Included  – –   –
Discovery  ✅ Google Form ⬆️30 minute session   ⬆️⬆️60 minute session
Competitor SEO Research  ❌ ⬆️Direct Competitors   ⬆️⬆️Direct + Indirect Competitors
Kw Research & Content Strategy  ✅ Strategy Strategy   Strategy
Internal Linking  ❌ ✅ Strategy  ⬆️⬆️Strategy + Implementation 
 # of Articles  ✅ 100 ⬆️175  ⬆️⬆️250 
Word Length of Articles  ✅ 750  ✅1,000  ✅1,000
Adding Affiliate Links  ❌ Client  ✅Our Team  ✅Our Team
Total # of Words  ✅ 75,000  ✅175,000  ✅250,000
Outline & Writing Articles  ✅  ✅  ✅
Editing of Articles  ❌ Client ❌ Client ⬆️Our Team (1 Round)
Publishing Articles  ❌ Client ❌ Client  ✅Our Team
Social Posts (QuuuPromote)  ❌  ✅25 ✅50 
Backlinking  ❌ ❌  ⬆️5 qty DR20+ 
Access to Our Team  ✅ Email  ⬆️Email + Calls ⬆️⬆️Email + Calls + Slack 
Reporting/Tracking  ❌ ⬆️Dashboard (6 Mos)   ⬆️⬆️ Dashboard (12 Mos)
Timeline  4-6 weeks 6-8 weeks   8-12 weeks


Purchase our “Done for You Content” & Grow Faster without the Hassle

If your traffic stats aren’t the picture you hoped to see, it’s time to address your content strategy and hire a content creator. Done-for-you content will take the pressure away from blog creation and help you start to see real-life results.

For information on how to get started with AmaLinks Pro® and to see our packages, book your first strategy session below. To kickoff your “Done For You” Content Package for your website, we do a 60 minute strategy session to get things rolling. Assuming you purchase one of our 3 content packages, your $300 deposit will be applied to your chosen package.