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AmaLinks Pro® works with or without the Amazon API.

Our case studies show you may be losing 296% or more possible sales!

Use plain text & image links, custom call-to-action buttons, stunning product showcases, and beautiful responsive product comparison tables to captivate your visitors.

Use beautiful product showcase boxes to help your blog look more professional as well as make more money!

You want to earn the highest commissions possible. One of the best ways to do this is to increase site interaction which leads to higher click-through rates. Product Showcase Boxes are a great way to get your visitor’s attention and direct their eyes to your affiliate links & buttons.

Choose from any of these modern product box designs

(Each Showcase is Fully Configurable)


Product Showcase Features

(All Text & Images are Editable)

  • Amazon Compliant Pictures

    – Images are pulled directly from the API keeping you in full compliance. You can choose form any image and size available in the API data. Images are not stored on your server which is mandatory to keep you in full compliance.

  • Prime Eligible Badge

    – If the product is available on Amazon Prime – we display a tag to make your visitors aware and more likely to buy. We display a custom ‘Prime eligible’ text-based tag because it is a violation of the Amazon Associates Operating Agreement to use the actual Prime logo on your website. (Most other popular Amazon plugins put you at risk by displaying the Prime logo)

  • Amazon Product Title

    – The product title is pulled automatically from the API. We give you the ability to edit it to make it say whatever you want. Often times – Amazon product titles are outrageously long and contain information that doesn’t need to be in the product title itself.

  • Amazon Product Features

    – Like everything else in the showcase, the features are pulled directly from the product features listed in the API. We display them in a bullet-list format (with checkmarks) and give you the ability to edit and customize these to say whatever you want.

  • Affiliate API Disclaimer

    – This disclaimer displays the date and time that the API call was made. This disclaimer is essential for compliance with Amazon Policies if you are displaying pricing information or images pulled from the Amazon API.

  • UP TO THE MINUTE Prices!

    – Amazon prices must be accurate to be in total compliance with Amazon Policies. Pulling the prices directly from the API is the only allowable way. For this reason – the pricing data is not editable in our Showcase Boxes in order to keep you 100% safe.

  • Call-to-Action Button

    – Every Product Showcase needs a good CTA button to direct the reader and lead them to the next step. Make it easy for them by including a clear call-to-action phrase inside the button. You can edit the text to make it say whatever you want!

Keep your business running smoothly, even without access to the Amazon Product Advertising API!

Introducing Our No-API Functionality & Features

Perhaps you are new to the Amazon Affiliate program and you don’t yet have access to their API? Maybe you’re not new, but Amazon has taken away your API access with their new strict quota policies…

AmaLinks Pro® now offers features for those of you without access to the Amazon Product Advertising API!

Learn More about No-API Mode

Explore the Different Link Types AmaLinks Pro® Offers

Getting your site visitors to interact with your page is vital to high click-through rates (CTR’s). AmaLinks Pro® offers multiple ways to add links to your page. Our link types are designed to increase your visitor’s “dwell time” which effectively guides them to eventually click on your affiliate links.

Text Links

The simplest type of affiliate link can very often be the most powerful. A well-placed link in a buyer-triggering keyword phrase can get ridiculously high click-through rates.

Image Links

Images catch the eye on a webpage and that is a fact. Very often, people click images out of habit or by accident – not even knowing if they link to anything. Take advantage of this… claim those easy image clicks!

Call-to-Action Buttons

When a text or image link within your content just won’t do it – a CTA button is exactly what you need to entice your readers to click.

Our #1 Priority – Keep Your Account Safe

Total Compliance with the Amazon Associates Operating Agreement

If you are an Amazon affiliate, compliance with their operating agreement and policies should be of extreme importance to you. You’ve worked hard to build out your site and build up your income. You don’t want to see all of your commissions taken away in a flash because of a seemingly simple compliance mistake.

Many affiliates have been banned because of small and common compliance errors due to lack of understanding. Amazon’s policies are complex and vague and even sometimes seemingly contradictory. It’s not hard at all to do something on your site that violates Amazon’s policies.

Don’t be one of those people! Leverage AmaLinks Pro® for peace of mind when it comes to compliance with Amazon’s policies.

Read More: Top 5 Reasons your Amazon Associates Account Will Get Banned


AmaLinks Pro® has you Covered When It Comes to Compliance with Amazon’s Complex Policies

How does using our plugin keep you compliant? We’ve spent a lot of time reading and interpreting the Amazon Associates Operating Agreement. We’ve gone to extreme measures to make sure that everything our plugin offers is in full compliance and you never even have to think about it.

Specifically – all images, prices, data & links are pulled from the Product Advertising API, and all of the required API disclaimers are added automatically.

We do all of this so you can rest at ease knowing your links, buttons, showcases, & tables will all be 100% compliant.


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Google Analytics Event Tracking

For users of Google Analytics – we have some awesome automatic Amazon affiliate event tracking built right into AmaLinks Pro®.

Track all of your AmaLinks Pro® link clicks, showcase interaction, and comparison table interactions all from within your Google Analytics Data.

If you are not getting the absolute best click-through rates possible, backed with hard data, then you are leaving easy money on the table.

Click here to learn more about Event Tracking

What happens if I let my subscription expire?

All links and shortcodes you create and insert into your website using AmaLinks Pro® will stop working if your license expires or becomes inactive for any reason. You will also not be able to create any new links using all of the awesome features built in to AmaLinks Pro®. Note: The AmaLinks Pro® plugin MUST remain installed and activated for existing links to work. You WILL NOT be able to receive important plugin updates without an active license on your site.

Why annual vs one-time payments?

We use the recurring payment model for AmaLinks Pro® mainly because we are continuously working on and improving the plugin and have plans to do so indefinitely. As a subscriber to and user of AmaLinks Pro® - you will notice constant changes and improvements over time. Without recurring revenue - what would be our motivation to keep moving forward? AmaLinks Pro® is not a one-and-done deal. It just keeps getting better and better. Look at one of the competing Amazon affiliate Wordpress plugins, for example. EasyAzon. They were (by far) the most popular for several years, but they only charged a one-time fee and look what happened to EasyAzon... They haven't made any major changes or improvements in years. And when they did release new versions (years ago), they had to ask their current customers to pay again to get the newest version! With AmaLinks Pro® - we are being honest and up front with our subscription model. The Blogger, Basic and Premium plans (our most popular) are annually recurring (you pay yearly). We DO offer one-time payment for our Platinum plan (lifetime subscription) - although it is quite a bit more expensive than the annually recurring plans.

What Amazon affiliate countries are supported?

AmaLinks Pro® works in every country that has an Amazon Associates program (that we know of). Amazon is constantly improving and adding countries. If you know of a country that isn't on our list - let us know and we will consider adding it. View all of the Amazon affiliate countries.

What if I buy/sell a site with AmaLinks Pro®?

AmaLinks Pro® licenses are not transferable. If you sell a site with AmaLinks Pro® - you should remove your license key before transferring the site. All existing links created on the site using AmaLinks Pro® will still work as long as the plugin remains installed and activated and you have active API credentials and tracking ID's in place. At the time of transfer - you will want to swap out the sellers API keys and tracking ID's with new ones from the buyer. This will ensure that the API connection is valid so our advanced link types will continue to work. Use a find/replace plugin to replace tracking ID's in all existing links on the site. If the buyer would like to use AmaLinks Pro® to create new links - they will have to purchase their own license key for AmaLinks Pro®.

What is required to use AmaLinks Pro®?

  • You must be using a self-hosted version of WordPress (not
  • Your site must be running on PHP 7.0 or higher (check with your host)
  • You must have an approved Amazon Associates account
  • To use the full version of AmaLinks Pro® - you must be signed up for the Amazon Product Advertising API and you must have current API keys that work with Amazon's new API 5
  • API access is no longer required! We now have No-API mode which allows you to use AmaLinks Pro® even without API access.

Does AmaLinks Pro® have a free trial?

We do not offer a free trial - but at the same time, we are not trying to hide anything. You can see everything that AmaLinks Pro® is capable of on our Demo page (video and example post). We also have a  diamond-plated, rock-solid - no questions asked - 100% money-back guarantee within the first 30 days. So there is absolutely no risk to you to try it out.

Do you teach SEO or other traffic strategies?

We articles on how to grow your SEO and other traffic + we have a Done-for-You Content plan to grow/scale your SEO traffic. We also focus our time and energy on maintaining AmaLinks Pro® as THE very best Amazon affiliate plugin that ever existed based on user feedback and market desires.

Does AmaLinks Pro® have an affiliate program?

Yes! Here are details about the benefits of promoting AmaLinks Pro® as an affiliate. We would love to have you on board. To get registered, go here and fill out the quick application. We look forward to helping you earn lots of money with affiliate commissions!

Does AmaLinks Pro® include a WordPress widget?

At this time we do not have an official widget - but that is in our plans for a future update. YES, you can insert AmaLinks Pro® links in widget areas manually. Here is an awesome tutorial post that shows you exactly how - including a unique strategy that we use to make Amazon product links stick to the page when a user scrolls down (on desktop).

How does AmaLinks Pro® handle geo-targeting?

Geo-targeting (aka link localization) is complex. We've built AmaLinks Pro® to be fully compatible with 2 different 3rd party services that do a phenomenal job with link localization for Amazon affiliate links - Amazon OneLink and Genius Link. We published a very detailed blog post which explains it all in detail here. The gist of it is that we didn't have to build link localization (geo-targeting) as a feature within AmaLinks Pro® because other services already cover that really well and they are fully compatible with AmaLinks Pro®.

Does AmaLinks Pro® work with page builders like Elementor or Thrive?

Yes - AmaLinks Pro® link types can be inserted into page builders like Elementor or Thrive or any other page builder. We have a full tutorial post on how to insert AmaLinks Pro® links into Elementor or Thrive. Basically, AmaLinks Pro® links can be used anywhere you can insert a shortcode into Wordpress.

All the Amazon Linking Power You Need
in One WordPress Plugin

No-API Features – No Amazon API? No Problem.

  • SiteStripe Image Links
  • Custom No-API Call-to-action Buttons
  • Beautiful No-API Product Showcases
  • Responsive No-API Product Comparison Tables
  • Effortlessly Switch Between No-API Mode & API Mode at any time

Link Types

  • In-content Text Links
  • In-content Image Links
  • Custom Call-to-action Buttons
  • Beautiful Product Showcases
  • Responsive Product Comparison Tables

Table Builder Features

  • Easy Click Drag-n-Drop Builder
  • Search Amazon for Products
  • Choose your Columns
  • Advanced Table Features
  • Sortable Columns
  • Searchable Tables
  • Multi-page Tables
  • Multi-page Tables
  • Advanced Browser Memory


  • Search Amazon from your WordPress Dashboard
  • Automatically Pull Up-to-Date Prices, Pictures & Reviews
  • Driven by the Amazon Product Advertising AP​I
  • Only see Useful Amazon API data
  • Easy to Use Link Wizard – Manual Shortcodes NOT Required

Product Showcases

  • Amazon Compliant Product Prices & Images
  • Driven by the Amazon Product Advertising AP​I
  • Prime Availability
  • Editable Product Tiitle
  • Editable Product Features
  • Call-To-Action Button



  • Create & Save & Reuse your Own CTA Button Styles
  • Fully Customize your Product Comparison Tables
  • Customize the Auto-Showcase Shortcode with Special Parameters

Behind the Scenes

  • Driven by the Amazon Product Advertising API *API Not Required
  • Built-In Amazon Compliance
  • Yearly Subscriptions keep us working on improvements!


Built for Us

Because we’re all in this thing together.

AmaLinks Pro® started out by two guys who were really just scratching their own itch. You see – we’re Amazon affiliates too and we run our own affiliate sites.

When it became evident that other Amazon affiliate WordPress plugins just weren’t keeping up with the times – we decided to create our own and share it with the world!

Click here to read the full ‘Built for Us’ story 

Miles Anthony Smith