How to Use AmaLinks Pro® with the Gutenberg Block Editor

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Back in October of 2019, WordPress released it’s latest and greatest update as part of their 5.0 release and made the Gutenberg experience the new default editor. The Block Editor in WordPress was here to stay – and AmaLinks Pro® was THE first Amazon affiliate WordPress plugin that was compatible.

The New Gutenberg (Block Editor) Experience

If you are running AmaLinks Pro® version 2.0.5 or later, you’ll have the new Gutenberg experience!

IMPORTANT: If you were already running a previous version, make sure you do a hard refresh in your browser after you update to the latest version – otherwise it will likely glitch for you.

To do a hard refresh, if you are using the Chrome browser… On a PC, hold down Ctrl and hit refresh. On a Mac, hold down Shift and hit refresh. If you are using a different browser – Google how to do a hard refresh with your respective browser.

The easiest way to show you the new experience was to shoot a quick video. Here ya go…

AmaLinks Pro® – New Gutenberg Block – October 2020 from Matthew Allen on Vimeo.

Explained in the video

  • ONE new AmaLinks Pro® block replaces multiple blocks previously used
  • How to hide old blocks that are now deprecated
  • Old (existing) links created with old blocks still work just fine
  • New API-link available in Step 2 to easily copy/paste
  • How to insert text links in Block Editor
  • How to insert image links in Block Editor
  • How to insert CTA button in Block Editor
  • How to insert Showcase Box in Block editor
  • How to insert Product Comparison Table in Block editor

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