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AmaLinks Pro® Product Showcase Boxes
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Check out this case study where we increased a customer’s click-through-rate by over 256% using our product showcase boxes!

Here is another case study where using our product showcase boxes resulted in a 386% increase in Amazon Affiliate link clicks for one of our users.

On one of our customer’s full product review style posts, we increased the click-through-rate by a whopping 263%!

Interact with some of our Showcase Layouts in Action

Large Showcase Box w/Slider

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Search… Choose… Customize… Insert.

These steps show our API mode. You can learn more about the Amazon Affiliate No-API mode.

1: Search Amazon – Search within WordPress

2: Choose Product – Keep It Relevant

3: Customize Box – Edit or hide elements (optional)

4: Insert Showcase – As easy as a few clicks

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