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AmaLinks Pro®® is a comprehensive tool for Amazon affiliate marketers that allows them to easily create product comparison tables, showcase product boxes, and generate text links to Amazon products. It is a powerful plugin that can be used in conjunction with WordPress websites, and it streamlines the process of monetizing a blog or website by promoting Amazon products.

The idea behind AmaLinks Pro®® is simple: to make it easy for Amazon affiliates to generate product links and comparison tables, and ultimately increase their revenue. The tool was created by Matthew Allen, an experienced Amazon affiliate marketer who recognized the need for a more streamlined approach to creating affiliate links and tables.

The plugin has quickly gained popularity in the affiliate marketing community, with thousands of bloggers and website owners using it to increase their earnings. In this article, we will delve deeper into the features of AmaLinks Pro®®, and how it can benefit affiliate marketers.

Features of AmaLinks Pro®®:

  1. Product Comparison Tables:

One of the standout features of AmaLinks Pro®® is its ability to create product comparison tables. These tables allow affiliate marketers to showcase multiple products side-by-side, making it easy for readers to compare features and prices.

Creating a comparison table with AmaLinks Pro®® is simple: users simply need to select the products they want to include, and the plugin will automatically generate a table. Users can customize the table by choosing which columns to include, and by changing the colors and fonts to match their website.

  1. Product Boxes:

In addition to comparison tables, AmaLinks Pro®® also allows users to create product boxes. These boxes can be added to blog posts or pages, and they showcase a single product along with a product image, price, and buy button.

Product boxes are a great way to draw attention to a particular product, and they are particularly effective when used in product review posts.

  1. Text Links:

AmaLinks Pro®® also allows users to generate text links to Amazon products. These links can be added to blog posts or pages, and they are a great way to promote products without being too intrusive.

One of the benefits of using AmaLinks Pro®® to create text links is that the plugin automatically adds Amazon affiliate tracking codes to each link, ensuring that users earn a commission on any sales that result from clicks on the links.

  1. Customizable:

AmaLinks Pro®® is highly customizable, allowing users to match the look and feel of their website. Users can change the colors and fonts of the product boxes and comparison tables, and they can also customize the wording of the buy button.

  1. Easy to Use:

Despite its powerful features, AmaLinks Pro®® is very user-friendly. The plugin is designed to be easy to use, and even novice bloggers and website owners can quickly learn how to create product comparison tables, product boxes, and text links.

Benefits of AmaLinks Pro®®:

  1. Increased Revenue:

One of the primary benefits of using AmaLinks Pro®® is increased revenue. The plugin is designed to streamline the process of promoting Amazon products, and it makes it easy for users to create product links and comparison tables that are optimized for conversions.

By using AmaLinks Pro®®, affiliate marketers can increase their earnings by promoting more products and making it easier for readers to find and purchase those products.

  1. Improved User Experience:

Another benefit of using AmaLinks Pro®® is improved user experience. The plugin allows users to showcase products in an attractive and user-friendly way, making it easier for readers to find and purchase products.

By providing readers with a better user experience, affiliate marketers can increase the likelihood of earning a commission on any sales that result from clicks on their affiliate links.

Did you know that AmaLinks Pro® has an affiliate program?

AmaLinks Pro® is the premier Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin on the market today. Amazon Affiliates can increase their earnings almost instantly by adding slick product showcase boxes, responsive product comparison tables, CTA buttons, and more.

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Miles is a loving father of 3 adults, devoted husband of 24+ years, chief affiliate marketer at AmaLinks Pro®, author, entrepreneur, SEO consultant, keynote speaker, investor, & owner of businesses that generate affiliate + ad income (Loop King Laces, Why Stuff Sucks, & Kompelling Kars). He’s spent the past 3 decades growing revenues for other’s businesses as well as his own. Miles has an MBA from Oklahoma State and has been featured in Entrepreneur, the Brookings Institution, Wikipedia, GoDaddy, Search Engine Watch, Advertising Week, & Neil Patel.

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