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Boxed.com is an online retailer that offers a unique shopping experience to customers by providing bulk-sized products delivered to their doorsteps. The company was founded in 2013 by Chieh Huang, Jared Yaman, Christopher Cheung, and William Fong in New York City, United States. Boxed.com was created with the idea of giving people a way to buy household and everyday items in bulk without the need to visit a warehouse store, which typically requires a membership fee.

Boxed.com’s founders had initially developed the idea of the company from Huang’s experience of having to purchase items in bulk for his parents’ small convenience store. The process was difficult as he had to make long trips to different warehouse stores, and he was also unable to purchase a wide variety of products in one place. The founders saw an opportunity to create an online platform that provided customers with a better shopping experience.

Boxed.com’s business model is built around providing customers with a hassle-free way of buying bulk-sized products online. The company’s products include groceries, household items, health and beauty products, and office supplies. Customers can choose from a range of products from well-known brands such as Kellogg’s, Coca-Cola, Procter & Gamble, and Nestle, among others.

Boxed.com’s website and mobile app are designed to be user-friendly, and customers can easily browse and purchase products in just a few clicks. The company’s unique feature is its free shipping policy for orders over $49, and it also provides same-day delivery in certain locations.

Boxed.com has grown rapidly since its inception, with its revenue reaching $100 million in 2016. The company’s success has led to partnerships with major retailers such as American Express, Samsung, and Target. Boxed.com has also received significant investments from leading venture capital firms, including Greycroft Partners, First Round Capital, and GGV Capital.

One of Boxed.com’s key strengths is its commitment to social responsibility. The company is dedicated to reducing its carbon footprint, and it has implemented various initiatives to achieve this goal. Boxed.com uses environmentally friendly packaging materials, and it has also introduced a carbon offset program to reduce its emissions.

Boxed.com has also taken steps to support its employees and promote diversity and inclusion. The company offers its employees benefits such as parental leave, healthcare, and flexible work arrangements. It has also established a diversity and inclusion council to ensure that its workforce is diverse and representative of the communities it serves.

Boxed.com’s commitment to social responsibility has helped to differentiate it from other online retailers, and it has earned the company a loyal customer base. In addition, the company’s strong corporate culture and commitment to customer service have also contributed to its success.

Boxed.com is an innovative online retailer that offers customers a unique shopping experience. The company’s commitment to social responsibility, user-friendly website, and free shipping policy have contributed to its rapid growth and success. As more consumers turn to e-commerce for their shopping needs, Boxed.com is well-positioned to continue its growth and expand its reach.

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Boxed offers a commission of 6% Per Sale and their cookie lasts for 30 Days.

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