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Buzzsprout is a podcast hosting and distribution platform that provides podcasters with an easy and reliable way to publish and promote their shows. The platform has gained immense popularity since its launch in 2009 due to its user-friendly interface and exceptional customer support. Buzzsprout has emerged as one of the leading podcast hosting services, providing a seamless and efficient solution for podcasters.


The concept of podcasting emerged in the early 2000s, and it has grown significantly since then. In the beginning, it was primarily used by amateur radio enthusiasts and bloggers, but it has now become a mainstream form of media with millions of listeners worldwide. The rise of podcasting has led to the emergence of various podcast hosting and distribution platforms. Buzzsprout was founded in 2009 by Kevin Finn and Tom Rossi, who wanted to create a simple and user-friendly platform for podcasters to publish and promote their shows.

Buzzsprout has grown steadily over the years, and today it hosts thousands of podcasts. The company has focused on providing a top-notch user experience and has built a platform that is both powerful and easy to use. Buzzsprout’s success can be attributed to its ability to adapt to the evolving needs of podcasters, as well as its commitment to providing excellent customer support.


Buzzsprout offers a range of features that make it an attractive platform for podcasters. One of its standout features is its user-friendly interface, which makes it easy for beginners to get started with podcasting. Buzzsprout’s interface is intuitive, and it guides users through the process of uploading and publishing their shows. The platform also offers a range of customization options, allowing podcasters to brand their shows and create a unique identity.

Buzzsprout’s hosting infrastructure is reliable and scalable, ensuring that podcasts are always available to listeners. The platform also provides comprehensive analytics, allowing podcasters to track their show’s performance and audience engagement. Buzzsprout’s analytics dashboard provides detailed information on audience demographics, geographic location, and listening habits.

One of the most significant advantages of using Buzzsprout is its distribution network. The platform automatically distributes podcasts to all major podcast directories, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and more. This ensures that podcasts are easily discoverable by listeners and increases their reach.

Buzzsprout also offers a range of promotional tools to help podcasters grow their audience. The platform has a built-in website builder, allowing podcasters to create a website for their show without any coding knowledge. Buzzsprout’s website builder is customizable, and podcasters can add their branding and customize the design. The platform also offers a range of social media integration tools, allowing podcasters to share their shows on social media platforms and engage with their audience.


Buzzsprout offers a range of pricing plans, starting at $12 per month for the Basic plan. The Basic plan provides hosting for three hours of audio per month and includes all of Buzzsprout’s core features, including analytics and distribution to major podcast directories. The platform also offers a $18 per month plan for hosting up to six hours of audio per month and a $24 per month plan for hosting up to 12 hours of audio per month. Buzzsprout’s plans are scalable, allowing podcasters to upgrade or downgrade their plans as their needs change.

Customer Support

One of the reasons for Buzzsprout’s success is its exceptional customer support. The platform offers email and live chat support, and its support team is responsive and knowledgeable. Buzzsprout also provides a range of resources for podcasters, including a comprehensive knowledge base and video tutorials. The platform’s support team is available to help podcasters with any questions or issues they may have, ensuring that their podcasting experience is seamless.

Did you know that Buzzsprout has an affiliate program?

Here is some basic information about what Buzzsprout is all about. Check it out, and if you are interested there is a link below to access the Buzzsprout affiliate program.

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Commission Rate & Cookie Information

Buzzsprout offers a varying commisison rate and their cookie lasts for Lifetime.

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