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Learn about the Figure affiliate program. is a technology-driven financial services company that leverages cutting-edge blockchain technology to streamline various processes in lending and wealth management. Founded in 2018 by Mike Cagney, the co-founder of SoFi (Social Finance Inc.),’s mission is to make the financial system more accessible, efficient, and transparent for consumers.

Mike Cagney, a seasoned entrepreneur in the financial services industry, founded with a vision to revolutionize traditional lending practices. Drawing from his experience at SoFi, Cagney recognized the potential of blockchain technology to enhance the speed and security of financial transactions. Armed with this insight, he assembled a team of experts from various disciplines, including blockchain, artificial intelligence, and finance, to bring his vision to life.

The company secured significant funding during its early stages, with major investors recognizing the potential of its innovative approach. This support allowed to rapidly develop and launch its first product: a blockchain-based home equity loan solution. made a splash with its pioneering product, the Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC), which disrupted the traditional home equity lending market. Leveraging blockchain technology, was able to drastically reduce the time it took for borrowers to access their funds while maintaining a robust level of security. Traditional HELOC processes, which often took several weeks to complete, were streamlined into a matter of days, transforming the borrower experience.

The company’s products are powered by its proprietary blockchain protocol called Provenance, which ensures the immutability and transparency of financial transactions. This blockchain technology has enabled to develop a range of financial services that are efficient, secure, and cost-effective.

Building on the success of its initial offering, expanded its product line to include student loan refinancing and mortgage refinancing. The company’s emphasis on leveraging technology and data analytics enabled it to attract a broad customer base seeking alternatives to traditional lenders. By combining transparent loan processes with competitive interest rates, effectively tapped into the growing demand for more flexible and convenient financial solutions.

As continued to gain momentum, it strategically formed alliances with established players in the financial services sector. Collaborations with traditional financial institutions and banks enabled to broaden its reach and access new markets. These partnerships further solidified’s position as a game-changer in the industry and brought its innovative solutions to an even larger audience.

In the highly regulated financial services sector, compliance is of utmost importance. has demonstrated its commitment to adhering to regulatory guidelines by obtaining licenses in various states across the United States, where it primarily operates. This dedication to compliance has not only strengthened its reputation but has also positioned the company as a responsible and trustworthy fintech entity. has emerged as a prominent figure in the financial technology arena, demonstrating the transformative power of blockchain technology and its applications in the financial services industry. Its innovative products, powered by the Provenance blockchain protocol, have simplified and expedited traditional lending processes, making them more accessible to consumers. As continues to expand its offerings and form strategic partnerships, it remains a frontrunner in reshaping the future of financial services through technology.

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