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Learn about the affiliate program. was established in Brno, Czech Republic, by Oliver Dlouhý, a visionary entrepreneur who saw an opportunity to address a common pain point in travel planning: the lack of flexibility and convenience in combining flights from multiple airlines. Traditional flight search engines often fell short in offering comprehensive options for travelers who wanted to create customized itineraries involving different carriers. Recognizing this gap, Dlouhý set out to create a platform that could seamlessly integrate flights from various airlines, enabling travelers to create unique routes that catered to their preferences.

The company’s name, “,” is a nod to the flightless bird found in New Zealand, which epitomizes the concept of reaching new horizons in an unconventional way. This spirit of innovation and determination to redefine travel has been the driving force behind’s journey from a startup to a global player in the travel industry.

At the core of’s success lies its groundbreaking technology called “virtual interlining.” This proprietary system allows the platform to combine flights from different airlines, even those that don’t have formal partnerships or codeshare agreements. By seamlessly connecting unrelated flights, enables travelers to create itineraries that traditional airlines and booking platforms simply can’t offer.

Virtual interlining has numerous benefits. Firstly, it empowers travelers to craft custom routes, giving them the freedom to choose flights based on budget, layover preferences, and time constraints. Additionally, it often results in significant cost savings, as’s algorithm identifies unconventional combinations that lead to lower prices. The platform’s user-friendly interface further simplifies the booking process, making it easy for even the most inexperienced travelers to create complex itineraries. has continuously expanded its offerings beyond virtual interlining, introducing a range of features designed to enhance the travel experience. One such feature is the “Nomad” tool, which helps adventurous travelers plan multi-city trips by suggesting destinations, calculating optimal routes, and estimating costs.

Furthermore, the “ Guarantee” has reassured travelers by providing protection against missed connections due to delays or cancellations. In such cases, the company takes responsibility for finding alternate flights and covering accommodation costs when necessary.

The platform’s commitment to innovation extends to its mobile app as well. With a user-friendly design and intuitive navigation, the app enables travelers to manage their itineraries, access boarding passes, and receive real-time updates on flight status.

While has undoubtedly disrupted the travel industry, it has also faced challenges and criticisms. Some traditional airlines and industry stakeholders have expressed concerns about the potential risks associated with virtual interlining, particularly when it comes to issues such as baggage handling, delays, and missed connections. Critics have argued that the lack of formal partnerships between airlines could lead to complications in the event of disruptions.

There have been instances where travelers experienced difficulties in the event of flight disruptions. Some travelers have reported frustration with customer service and the process of rebooking alternative flights, highlighting areas where could improve its support system. has grown into a global player, serving travelers across continents and cultures. Its disruptive approach to travel planning has not only empowered individual travelers but has also influenced the way other travel platforms operate. The concept of virtual interlining has inspired similar initiatives, indicating the broader impact of’s innovation on the industry.

Looking ahead, faces the dual challenge of maintaining its commitment to innovation while addressing the criticisms and concerns that have arisen. Striking a balance between flexibility, affordability, and reliability will be crucial for the company’s sustained success. has indelibly changed the way people perceive and plan their travel journeys. By leveraging technology to create a unique system of virtual interlining, the platform has offered travelers unmatched flexibility and affordability, albeit with some challenges to address. As the travel industry continues to evolve, remains a testament to the transformative power of innovation in redefining the way we explore the world.

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