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Learn about the Positive Parenting Solutions affiliate program. is an online platform dedicated to offering parenting resources and training to individuals looking for effective parenting techniques and strategies. The website primarily focuses on promoting a positive parenting approach, which emphasizes a cooperative, respectful, and nurturing relationship between parents and children.

Founded by Amy McCready, an author and parenting educator, offers courses and content designed to help parents navigate various challenges associated with raising children. McCready’s approach to parenting is based on empowering parents with knowledge and tools that foster a constructive environment at home, which can lead to more responsible and respectful behavior from children.

The website’s flagship offering is the Positive Parenting Solutions Course. This is a comprehensive online parenting course designed to equip parents with practical skills to address everyday parenting struggles. The course is structured to guide parents through different parenting stages and provides actionable strategies that can be implemented immediately.

The Positive Parenting Solutions Course covers a wide array of topics, including power struggles between parents and children, sibling rivalry, and effective discipline techniques that do not rely on punishment. Through the course, parents are also introduced to the psychology behind children’s behaviors, helping them understand and empathize with their children’s emotions and reactions better.’s course is presented in a format that is convenient for busy parents. It offers a series of video lessons, which participants can watch at their own pace. These lessons are accompanied by worksheets, exercises, and supplementary reading material that supports parents in applying the strategies discussed in the videos. To cater to a diverse audience, the website’s content addresses challenges related to parenting children of various ages, from toddlers to teenagers.

Beyond the main course, provides a variety of free resources to support parents. The website features a blog that hosts articles covering different aspects of parenting, offering tips, insights, and advice on dealing with common parenting issues. These articles are accessible to all visitors and serve as a valuable source of information and guidance.

Webinars and live sessions are other significant features of the platform. Amy McCready and other parenting experts occasionally host these events, where they discuss specific parenting topics and answer questions from participants. These interactive sessions provide an opportunity for parents to engage directly with experts and gain personalized advice. emphasizes community and support among parents. Those who enroll in the course gain access to a private online community where they can connect with other parents taking the course. This forum allows parents to share experiences, seek advice, and offer support to one another, creating a network of individuals who are committed to positive parenting practices.

One important aspect of is its customer support. The website offers support to users through different channels, including email and social media. This support system is in place to assist participants with any technical or content-related queries they may have as they navigate the course and other resources offered on the platform.

In evaluating, potential users should consider their specific parenting challenges and learning preferences. The platform’s approach is based on positive parenting principles, and its effectiveness may vary depending on individual family dynamics, children’s personalities, and parents’ commitment to applying the strategies consistently.

It’s essential for interested individuals to do their research and possibly try out the free resources available on before committing to purchasing the full course. Reading reviews and testimonials from previous participants can also offer insights into the effectiveness and impact of the course and whether it aligns with one’s parenting goals and values.

Interested parties should note that the practice of positive parenting promoted by is just one of many parenting philosophies available. Different approaches may suit different families, and it’s crucial for parents to explore various strategies to determine which align best with their family’s unique needs and values.

The information provided in this text is meant to offer an objective overview of as of the knowledge cut-off in January 2022. For the most accurate and current details, visiting the website directly and consulting the most recent user reviews and testimonials is recommended. As with any parenting resource, individual needs and experiences may vary, and approaching any parenting course or tool with a critical and reflective mindset is advised.

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