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Learn about the StackPath affiliate program. is a prominent technology company that specializes in providing edge computing and content delivery solutions. The term “edge computing” refers to the practice of processing data closer to its source, at the network edge, rather than relying solely on centralized cloud servers.’s suite of services encompasses content delivery networks (CDNs), web application firewalls (WAFs), edge computing platforms, and other security-focused solutions. These offerings collectively empower businesses to enhance the speed, security, and availability of their web applications and digital content. was founded in 2015 by Lance Crosby, a technology entrepreneur known for his previous venture SoftLayer, a cloud infrastructure provider that was acquired by IBM. Drawing from his expertise and experience in the cloud computing industry, Crosby established with the vision of revolutionizing how digital content is delivered and secured.

In its early stages, recognized the growing need for efficient content delivery in an increasingly globalized digital landscape. Traditional methods of hosting content on centralized servers often led to latency and slower loading times, particularly for users located far from these data centers.’s content delivery network (CDN) services aimed to tackle this challenge by distributing content across strategically placed edge servers around the world. This approach significantly reduced latency and optimized load times, enhancing the overall user experience.

As online threats and cyberattacks became more sophisticated, the importance of cybersecurity and web application protection became paramount. responded by integrating web application firewall (WAF) capabilities into its suite of services. This addition provided businesses with the tools needed to safeguard their applications from various online threats, including DDoS attacks, SQL injection, and cross-site scripting.’s evolution continued with a focus on edge computing. The company recognized that processing data closer to the end user could further enhance performance and reduce the strain on central servers. By deploying computing resources at the network edge,’s edge computing platform allowed for real-time data processing, enabling applications to respond more swiftly to user interactions. has also expanded through strategic acquisitions. Notable acquisitions include MaxCDN, a well-established CDN provider, and Server Density, a company specializing in server monitoring and management. These acquisitions bolstered’s service portfolio and helped solidify its position as a comprehensive edge services provider. has emerged as a pivotal player in the digital infrastructure arena, offering a wide range of edge computing and content delivery solutions. With its origins rooted in addressing the challenges of content delivery and cybersecurity, the company has consistently adapted to the evolving needs of the digital landscape. By providing businesses with the tools to optimize web performance, enhance security, and facilitate efficient content delivery, contributes significantly to shaping the future of online experiences.

As the digital realm continues to advance and user expectations rise,’s dedication to innovation and excellence positions it to play an increasingly influential role in helping businesses deliver seamless and secure online interactions to users around the world.

Did you know that StackPath has an affiliate program?

Here is some basic information about what StackPath is all about. Check it out, and if you are interested there is a link below to access the StackPath affiliate program.

StackPath, Edge Computing, Edge Delivery – StackPath is an edge computing platform with virtual machines, containers, CDN, WAF, and more, to let you build, accelerate, and protect your latency-sensitive workloads and applications.

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Commission Rate & Cookie Information

StackPath offers a commission of $20 - $600 Per Lead and their cookie lasts for 180 Days.

For more information about this offer: View the StackPath homepage

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StackPath affiliate program