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Learn about the Survival Frog affiliate program. is a comprehensive online platform that caters to the needs of individuals who are committed to preparedness, survival, and self-reliance. The website offers a wide array of survival gear, emergency supplies, outdoor equipment, and informational resources. Its mission revolves around equipping people with the tools and knowledge needed to face unforeseen challenges head-on, promoting a culture of readiness and resilience.

Background and Founding:

The inception of can be traced back to a growing awareness of the vulnerability that modern society faces. Natural disasters, from hurricanes to earthquakes, have demonstrated the potential for infrastructure breakdown and disruption of essential services. In 2009, Tony Lamb, the founder of, recognized the need to empower individuals with the means to safeguard themselves and their loved ones in times of crisis.

Lamb’s vision was not just limited to providing survival products; he aimed to create a hub where people could access reliable information, engage in meaningful discussions, and foster a community built on shared values of preparedness. This holistic approach laid the foundation for to become more than just an e-commerce site – it became a go-to destination for those seeking to navigate an uncertain world.

Product Range and Innovation:

At the core of’s offerings is an extensive range of survival gear and emergency supplies. From basic necessities such as water purification systems, fire-starting tools, and first aid kits to advanced equipment like solar-powered generators and tactical gear, the platform caters to both beginners and seasoned survivalists. The selection is curated to meet the diverse needs of individuals, whether they are preparing for short-term disruptions or long-term self-sufficiency.

What sets apart is its commitment to innovation. The platform regularly introduces new products that align with evolving survival trends and technologies. Whether it’s compact and lightweight gear for outdoor enthusiasts or cutting-edge communication devices for staying connected during emergencies, the website remains at the forefront of providing innovative solutions to its customers.

Educational Empowerment: recognizes that survival preparedness goes beyond owning the right gear – it requires knowledge and skill development. To address this, the platform offers a wealth of educational resources. From informative blog articles and instructional videos to downloadable guides and expert advice, individuals can enhance their understanding of survival techniques, emergency planning, and self-reliance strategies.

This emphasis on education underscores the platform’s commitment to empowering its customers. By equipping them with knowledge, ensures that individuals not only have the necessary tools but also the confidence to use them effectively.

Community Building: has succeeded in creating a vibrant online community united by a shared commitment to preparedness. The platform hosts forums and discussion boards where members can exchange ideas, seek advice, and share their experiences. This sense of belonging is crucial in dispelling the isolation that often accompanies the pursuit of survival readiness.

Moreover, the platform’s blog features contributions from experts in various fields related to survival, adding credibility to the information provided. Through webinars, workshops, and collaborative projects, continues to foster an environment where individuals can learn, connect, and grow together. stands as a testament to the human drive to overcome adversity and embrace self-reliance. In a world marked by uncertainty, the platform offers a beacon of hope and empowerment. It not only provides access to essential survival gear but also cultivates a sense of community and knowledge-sharing that amplifies individual and collective resilience. As the journey of preparedness continues to evolve, remains a steadfast companion, arming individuals with the tools and confidence they need to face whatever challenges lie ahead.

Did you know that Survival Frog has an affiliate program?

Here is some basic information about what Survival Frog is all about. Check it out, and if you are interested there is a link below to access the Survival Frog affiliate program.

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Commission Rate & Cookie Information

Survival Frog offers a commission of 12% Per Sale and their cookie lasts for 30 Days.

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