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Learn about the Tesla affiliate program. is the official website of Tesla, Inc., a prominent American electric vehicle and clean energy company. Tesla was founded in 2003 with the primary goal of producing electric vehicles (EVs) and promoting sustainable energy solutions. The website serves as a principal platform for the company to showcase its products, technologies, and initiatives related to electric vehicles, energy storage, and solar technology. provides comprehensive information on the various electric vehicle models that the company produces. As of my knowledge cut-off in January 2022, the vehicle lineup includes the Tesla Model S, Model 3, Model X, and Model Y. Each vehicle model displayed on the website is accompanied by detailed specifications, pricing, and features. Tesla’s electric vehicles are renowned for their performance, safety features, and long-range capabilities on a single charge.

The website facilitates a seamless purchasing experience for users interested in acquiring a Tesla vehicle. Visitors to can customize their vehicles by selecting specific configurations, including paint color, interior design, and additional options like Full Self-Driving capability. The website offers a transparent breakdown of pricing, with updates reflecting each customization choice the user makes.

In addition to electric vehicles, also highlights the company’s endeavors in the clean energy sector. It showcases products like solar panels, solar roof tiles, and energy storage solutions, including the Powerwall, Powerpack, and Megapack. These products are designed to provide sustainable energy generation and storage for residential, commercial, and utility-scale applications. provides insights into how the company’s solar products work, their benefits, and how interested customers can integrate them into their homes or businesses. For instance, the Solar Roof is depicted as an aesthetically pleasing, durable alternative to traditional roofing, while also capable of generating electricity. Users can explore detailed information on each product, understand their applications, and calculate potential cost and energy savings.

The website also functions as a gateway to Tesla’s energy services, emphasizing the company’s mission to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy. It provides data on the company’s global energy impact, highlighting the total amount of solar energy generated and the cumulative amount of carbon offset.

Customers seeking support or service for their Tesla products will find to be a useful resource. The website contains support documentation, frequently asked questions, and contact information for Tesla’s customer service. Whether users are looking for guidance on vehicle maintenance, warranty information, or software updates, the support section endeavors to address various customer needs comprehensively.

Prospective and current Tesla vehicle owners will find sections on the website dedicated to the company’s expanding Supercharger network. The Supercharger stations are designed to enable long-distance travel for Tesla electric vehicles by providing high-speed charging solutions. The website offers a map that illustrates Supercharger locations worldwide, giving users the ability to plan their routes effectively.

The Tesla Shop, accessible via, allows customers to purchase a range of accessories and merchandise related to the Tesla brand. This includes apparel, lifestyle products, and vehicle accessories designed to enhance the Tesla ownership experience. From home charging equipment to car care products, the Tesla Shop caters to various needs of the Tesla community. is not merely a platform for product display and transactions; it also serves as an information hub. The website hosts a blog featuring company news, announcements, and articles related to Tesla’s technology, products, and initiatives. It’s a source where users can stay updated on the latest developments within the company and the broader industry.

Investors and individuals interested in Tesla’s business performance can access the Investors Relations section of the website. This section provides a wealth of information, including financial reports, SEC filings, corporate governance details, and upcoming events related to the company’s financial performance and strategies.

It’s important to note that the information on is subject to change, reflecting the company’s ongoing developments, product releases, and updates. As the company continues to innovate and expand its product and service offerings, the website serves as a dynamic, evolving platform to communicate with customers, investors, and the general public.

For accurate and current information, individuals and interested parties are encouraged to visit directly, as the company frequently updates the website to reflect its most recent products, services, and corporate developments. My knowledge, with a cut-off in January 2022, might not encompass the most recent advancements or changes made by the company since then. Always refer to the most current resources for the most accurate and timely information.

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