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Learn about the Trust & Will affiliate program. is an online platform that specializes in providing estate planning services to individuals seeking to create legally sound and personalized wills, trusts, and other essential legal documents. In this article, we will delve into the definition, background, and key features of, offering a clear and unbiased view of its services and its role in modern estate planning. is an online legal technology company that was founded with the mission of simplifying the often complex and intimidating process of estate planning. Through its user-friendly platform, offers a range of services designed to help users create legally binding wills, trusts, advance healthcare directives, and power of attorney documents. These documents are essential for individuals to plan for the distribution of their assets, the guardianship of their children, and their healthcare preferences in case of incapacitation or death.

Founded in 2017 by Cody Barbo, Brian Lamb, and Daniel Goldstein, emerged as a response to the traditional legal processes and the high costs associated with estate planning. The founders aimed to democratize access to estate planning by leveraging technology and simplifying the process. Their vision was to make it easier for individuals to protect their families, assets, and wishes without the need for expensive attorney fees and complex paperwork. rapidly gained recognition in the legal technology space, attracting both investors and users. Its user-friendly interface, affordability, and comprehensive estate planning options quickly made it a popular choice for individuals looking to create legally binding documents tailored to their specific needs.

  1. User-Friendly Interface: offers a straightforward and intuitive platform that guides users through the estate planning process step by step. The user interface is designed to be accessible to individuals with varying levels of familiarity with legal matters.
  2. Legal Expertise: While simplifies the estate planning process, it also ensures that the documents created on the platform are legally sound and compliant with state laws. The company employs a team of experienced attorneys who oversee document creation, providing an additional layer of legal expertise.
  3. Customization: recognizes that every individual’s situation is unique. It allows users to customize their wills, trusts, and other documents to reflect their specific wishes and circumstances. This customization ensures that users can address the nuances of their estate planning needs.
  4. Document Updates: Estate planning is not a one-time endeavor; it requires ongoing updates to remain current. offers a subscription service that allows users to make unlimited updates to their documents, ensuring that their plans evolve as their lives do.
  5. Support and Guidance: provides customer support to assist users with any questions or concerns they may have during the estate planning process. Additionally, the platform offers educational resources to help users better understand the legal aspects of their decisions.
  6. Trust Services: In addition to wills and other essential documents, offers services for creating trusts. Users can establish revocable living trusts, irrevocable trusts, and other trust types to meet their specific goals, such as asset protection and estate tax planning.
  7. Accessibility:’s online platform ensures that estate planning is accessible to a broader audience. Users can create their documents from the comfort of their homes, eliminating the need for in-person visits to attorneys’ offices.

While has garnered widespread acclaim for its role in modernizing estate planning, it’s important to consider various perspectives and opinions on the platform:

  1. Advocates’ Perspective: Advocates of highlight its ability to empower individuals to take control of their estate planning without the financial burden associated with traditional legal services. They argue that the platform promotes accessibility and inclusivity in a crucial aspect of personal finance and family protection.
  2. Traditional Legal Industry: Some within the traditional legal industry express concerns about the potential pitfalls of online estate planning services. They emphasize the importance of legal counsel in navigating complex estate planning scenarios and suggest that such platforms may not adequately address every individual’s unique needs.
  3. User Experiences: User reviews of are generally positive, with many individuals praising the platform’s ease of use and affordability. Users often appreciate the peace of mind that comes from having their essential documents in place. has established itself as a leading online platform for estate planning, offering a user-friendly and affordable solution for individuals seeking to create legally binding wills, trusts, and related documents. Its founders’ vision of simplifying the estate planning process and making it accessible to a wider audience has resonated with many users.

While opinions within the legal industry may vary,’s success demonstrates the growing demand for convenient and cost-effective solutions in the estate planning sector. Ultimately, has played a significant role in reshaping the landscape of estate planning services, making it more accessible, user-friendly, and affordable for individuals and families.

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Trust & Will – Online Wills and Estate Plans, Trust & Will – Trust & Will is the easiest way to create, edit, store, and share your trust and will. Our mission is to help everyone leave a lasting legacy.

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