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Virgin Holidays is the holiday arm of the Virgin Group, offering holiday packages to destinations around the world. Their primary website domain is ‘’, which serves as the main online portal for customers to explore, customize, and book their vacations.


Origins: Founded in 1985, Virgin Holidays started as an extension of Richard Branson’s Virgin brand, which has a diverse portfolio including airlines, music, and telecommunications, among other industries. Branson, an entrepreneur known for his ventures into various sectors, saw an opportunity to offer packaged holidays using Virgin Atlantic flights, effectively creating synergies within his business empire.

Growth and Evolution: Initially focused on providing holiday packages to New York, Miami, and Orlando to coincide with Virgin Atlantic’s flight routes, Virgin Holidays rapidly expanded to other destinations. Throughout the years, it grew not only in terms of geographical coverage but also in terms of the types of holiday experiences it offered. From ski trips to beach holidays and adventure vacations, the company diversified its offerings to cater to a wider range of clientele.

By the 2000s, Virgin Holidays had become one of the UK’s leading long-haul holiday companies. In addition to its flagship offerings, the brand launched niche holiday services such as ‘Virgin Holidays Cruises’, which packaged cruises with flights, and ‘Virgin Holidays + HIP Hotels’, targeting luxury travelers.

Innovations and Commitments: Virgin Holidays was not just about selling holidays; it was also about enhancing the holiday experience. The company was known for innovations such as the ‘V-Room’, a special lounge at Gatwick and Manchester airports. This unique space allowed travelers to start their holiday experience before even boarding the plane, offering amenities tailored to both adults and children.

In addition to its focus on customer experience, Virgin Holidays has also been committed to sustainability and ethical practices. The company worked towards making its operations more sustainable and also played a role in wildlife conservation, committing to ceasing the sale of tickets to certain captive whale and dolphin attractions.

Online Presence: The website ‘’ has played a significant role in the company’s success in the digital age. It allowed for seamless browsing of holiday options, facilitated online bookings, and provided essential travel information. Given the increasing trend of online holiday bookings, the website ensured that Virgin Holidays remained competitive in the dynamic travel industry.

Challenges and Resilience: Like many businesses in the travel sector, Virgin Holidays faced challenges, especially during global crises that impacted travel. Economic downturns, global events, and pandemics, like the COVID-19 outbreak in 2020, posed significant obstacles. However, the brand’s adaptability and customer-centric approach often helped it navigate through these challenges. For instance, during the COVID-19 pandemic, Virgin Holidays worked hard to assist customers with rescheduling, refunds, and ensuring their safety for future travel.

Virgin Holidays, under the domain ‘’, has been a significant player in the UK travel industry for decades. Its foundation, built on the principles of the broader Virgin Group, has been a mix of innovation, customer experience, and adaptability. As with all businesses, it has seen its share of challenges, but its dedication to offering quality holiday experiences has made it a preferred choice for many UK travelers.

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