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Learn about the Vivos affiliate program. is the official website of the Vivos Group, a company known for designing, constructing, and operating underground shelters intended to provide long-term survival protection for its inhabitants. These shelters are marketed towards those concerned about various global catastrophes, from natural disasters to man-made events.

The idea of building shelters for protection against global calamities is not new. Throughout history, from ancient civilizations to modern times, humans have sought ways to protect themselves from natural disasters, wars, and other unforeseen threats. With the advent of the Cold War era and the fear of nuclear warfare, the concept of building bunkers and fallout shelters became particularly popular in certain parts of the world, especially in the United States.

In the 21st century, amid increasing concerns about climate change, geopolitical tensions, and other potential global threats, the concept of survival bunkers has again gained traction. It is within this context that the Vivos Group emerged.

Origin and Development: Vivos was founded by Robert Vicino, an entrepreneur with a background in real estate development. He believed that there was a need for private shelters where people could seek refuge in case of major global catastrophes. Vicino’s vision wasn’t limited to merely creating underground bunkers but developing entire communities where people could live and sustain themselves for extended periods without external intervention. became the primary platform through which Vicino and the Vivos Group showcased their shelter offerings to the public. Their shelters range in size and capacity, designed to accommodate a varying number of people, from individual families to large communities.

Design and Construction: A significant feature of the shelters promoted on is their claim of being designed to withstand a myriad of potential disasters. This includes nuclear blasts, electromagnetic pulses (EMP), earthquakes, tsunamis, biological threats, and more. They emphasize deep underground construction, with several feet of earth or concrete protection, air and water purification systems, and backup power generators.

The Vivos Group has acquired several properties worldwide to develop these shelters. One of the most prominent is the Vivos xPoint located in South Dakota, which boasts of being the largest private shelter community on Earth. This particular facility comprises 575 fortified underground shelters spread over nearly 18 square miles.

Another notable property is the Vivos Europa One in Germany, which is a converted Cold War-era bunker. This facility is marketed as a luxury survival shelter, catering to those who seek both protection and comfort in the event of a catastrophe.

Public Perception: The public’s perception of Vivos and is varied. Some view the initiative as a necessary and pragmatic approach to the uncertainties of our times. Given the unpredictability of global events, from political unrest to natural calamities, the idea of having a secure place to retreat resonates with a particular demographic.

However, critics argue that the concept plays on people’s fears and anxieties, possibly exaggerating threats to sell expensive shelter spaces. They also raise concerns about the feasibility of such long-term survival strategies, especially regarding social dynamics, mental health implications, and the practicalities of sustaining life underground for extended periods.

The cost of these shelters also raises discussions. While some shelters are priced within the range of an average American home, others, especially the luxury variants, can go into the millions, making them accessible only to the wealthy. serves as a window into the world of survival bunkers in the modern age. While the concept of seeking refuge from global threats isn’t new, the scale and sophistication of the Vivos Group’s offerings represent a unique approach to the idea. Whether one views these shelters as essential havens or expensive paranoia-driven retreats, there’s no denying the attention and discussion they have sparked in society. As with many things, the ultimate utility and relevance of these shelters will likely be shaped by future global events and the evolving challenges humanity faces.

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Here is some basic information about what Vivos is all about. Check it out, and if you are interested there is a link below to access the Vivos affiliate program.

Vivos Underground Survival Shelters, Affordable Luxury Bunkers – Vivos: the backup plan for humanity with a massive, global underground shelter network. Affordable survival shelter options for your family.

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