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Learn about the WarriorPlus affiliate program. is a digital marketplace where internet marketers can sell or purchase software, training, and other digital products primarily related to online marketing and business. For those familiar with similar platforms like ClickBank or JVZoo, WarriorPlus serves a comparable purpose, but with its own unique features and community dynamics.

WarriorPlus originated from the Warrior Forum, which was established in 1997 by Allen Says. The Warrior Forum quickly became one of the most popular online platforms for internet marketers, providing them a space to discuss techniques, strategies, and tools of the trade. The Warrior Forum was home to a myriad of marketers ranging from beginners to seasoned professionals.

As the forum grew, a section named “Warrior Special Offers” (or WSO) became particularly popular. In this section, forum members could advertise special deals on their products or services, usually at a discounted rate for fellow forum members. This platform allowed internet marketers to present their innovations and sell them to a responsive and engaged audience.

Recognizing the demand and potential of the WSO section, was launched as an affiliated platform, providing a more streamlined process for buying and selling these offers. While it started primarily as a payment processor and listing service for WSOs, WarriorPlus evolved into a fully-fledged digital product marketplace over time.

Features and Functionality: WarriorPlus offers a range of tools and features tailored to internet marketers:

  1. Vendor Dashboard: Allows creators to list their products, set prices, and manage affiliates. Vendors can also view sales data, manage transactions, and handle customer service queries through this dashboard.
  2. Affiliate Dashboard: Affiliates can find products to promote, request promotional rights, and track their sales and commissions. This feature has made WarriorPlus particularly popular among affiliate marketers.
  3. WarriorPlus Wallet: This feature ensures a smooth payment process. Funds from sales are added to the user’s WarriorPlus wallet, which they can then withdraw to their bank accounts or use for purchases within the platform.
  4. Marketplace Search: Users can search for products by category, vendor, or keyword. This feature helps affiliates discover new products to promote and customers to find relevant digital goods.
  5. Integration with Popular Tools: WarriorPlus integrates with several third-party services, such as email marketing platforms, membership software, and webinar tools, allowing for a more seamless experience for vendors and their customers.

WarriorPlus has amassed a significant user base, particularly among small to medium-sized internet marketers. Its ease of use, combined with the pre-existing community from Warrior Forum, contributed to its growth. The platform also received praise for its transparency, as both vendors and affiliates have access to comprehensive data about product performance, sales, and conversions.

Like many platforms, WarriorPlus has faced its share of criticisms. Some users have raised concerns about the quality of products available on the platform, as the marketplace’s open nature means that there’s a wide variance in product quality. Furthermore, due to its focus on internet marketing niches, it might not be as diverse in product categories as some of its competitors., rooted in the legacy of the Warrior Forum, serves as a dedicated marketplace for internet marketers. Over the years, it has equipped countless vendors and affiliates with tools to sell and promote digital products. While it has faced challenges and criticisms like any growing platform, its standing in the internet marketing community remains substantial. As the world of online marketing continues to evolve, platforms like WarriorPlus will undoubtedly adapt to meet the changing needs of its user base.

Did you know that WarriorPlus has an affiliate program?

Here is some basic information about what WarriorPlus is all about. Check it out, and if you are interested there is a link below to access the WarriorPlus affiliate program.

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Commission Rate & Cookie Information

WarriorPlus offers a varying commisison rate and their cookie lasts for 60 Days.

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