Welcome to Our Black Friday Deal for Affiliates

This is the once a year opportunity to get a significant discount on AmaLinks Pro®, the best WordPress plugin for Amazon Affiliates. This offer will be available from November 25-28; discount codes for each level are below.

Note: Black Friday discounts are available only on annual plans not monthly ones, and Black Friday purchases don’t qualify for our guarantee.

You can get a deeper discount with the higher plans you choose. So check em out; happy shopping!

Black Friday Discount Affiliate Codes:

  • 1 Lite: 0% Discount
  • 1 Plus: 25% Discount ⬆️
    • Code 1PLUS2022
  • 3 Deluxe: 30% Discount ⬆️
    • Code 3DELUXE2022
  • 10 Deluxe: 35% Discount ⬆️
    • Code 10DELUXE2022
  • 25 Premium: 40% Discount ⬆️
    • Code 25PREMIUM2022
  • Unlimited Premium: 45% Discount ⬆️
    • Code UNLIM_PREMIUM2022



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