What happened to the AmaLinks Pro® Table Builder add-on?

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The AmaLinks Pro® Table Builder add-on has been merged into the core plugin as of AmaLinks Pro® version 2.2.0 released on January 17, 2022. What does this mean? It means that after the release of version 2.2.0 for the main AmaLinks Pro® plugin – you will no longer need any add-on plugins as ALL features for AmaLinks Pro® will now be included in just one plugin – the main plugin file.

Why did we merge the Table Builder add-on into the core plugin?

Early on in our development schedule, we had our reasons to have the Table Builder as a separate add-on for AmaLinks Pro®, but over time our plans changed. We decided that it was not necessary to have a separate add-on anymore, and it would improve page performance to combine the plugins.

Simply put, combining the plugins will simplify things for our users.

Do I have to do anything extra when I update my AmaLinks Pro® plugin?

No! When you update AmaLinks Pro® to version 2.2.0 either through your dashboard or manually, the old table builder add-on will automatically be disabled, and a message will appear for you to delete the Table Builder add-on.

You should do a hard refresh and clear your browser caches before using AmaLinks Pro® in your admin again.

To do a hard refresh, if you are using the Chrome browser… On a PC, hold down Ctrl on your keyboard and hit the refresh button on your screen. On a Mac, hold down Shift on your keyboard and hit the refresh button on your screen. If you are using a different browser – Google how to do a hard refresh with your respective browser.

I just bought AmaLinks Pro®, what is this about a Table Builder add-on? Am I missing something?

No! If you purchased AmaLinks Pro® after January 17, 2022, you received only one plugin – the main AmaLinks Pro® plugin. Before January 17, 2022 there was a separate add-on for the Table Builder, but it has been merged into the main plugin.

What about the AmaLinks Pro® license keys?

If you purchased AmaLinks Pro® before January 17, 2022 – you will have multiple license keys in your account (Access Pass, AmaLinks Pro®, and Table Builder). After you update to version 2.2.0 – you will only need the license key for AmaLinks Pro®. You can ignore the rest of the license keys in your account.

If you purchased AmaLinks Pro® after January 17, 2022 – you will have only one license key in your account for AmaLinks Pro®. That is the only license key you will need to activate the plugin in the AmaLinks Pro® settings in WordPress.


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