Affiliate Marketing Glossary

above the fold

In terms of websites, above the fold is the visible part of the website when the page initially loads, without the user scrolling. The smaller the device screen, the smaller the above the fold size. T... read more


Adpump is a global performance marketing network for both advertisers and publishers. The Adpump CPA network operates in 14 different countries.... read more

Advanced Web Ranking

Advanced Web Ranking is a search engine rank tracking tool. It's great for SEP professionals and focuses on being a top level professional tool for SEO agencies and in-house SEO teams.... read more

advertising fees

Advertising fees are fees paid to an affiliate for referring sales through an affiliate program. When a website visitor clicks an affiliate link, then purchases the product that was linked to, the aff... read more

affiliate disclosure

An affiliate disclosure is a notice to a person that a link they are about to click could lead to the publisher earning money. Amazon REQUIRES you to have proper affiliate disclosures, and you can get... read more

affiliate link

An affiliate link is a hyperlink that has a tracking id in the URL that is attached to a specific person's affiliate account. When somebody clicks an affiliate link and then makes a successful purchas... read more

affiliate program

An affiliate program is a profit-sharing program that companies operate to increase revenue. It is a low-cost and low-risk program to invest in. A typical affiliate program pays referral fees or commi... read more

affiliate site

An affiliate site is a content-based website that has affiliate links to various products and/or services integrated within the website. When a website visitor clicks on an affiliate link and makes a ... read more


Ahrefs is a search engine optimization service for analysis, planning, and research. Ahrefs is a great tool for anybody looking to actively plan and execute an SEO strategy. Ahrefs stands out in relat... read more

AmaLinks Pro

AmaLinks Pro is the best Amazon affiliate WordPress plugin. Within an easy-to-use guided dashboard, you can search Amazon and create Amazon affiliate text/image links, call-to-action buttons, product ... read more

Amazon affiliate

An Amazon affiliate is a person who belongs to the Amazon Associates program and monetizes their web content with special links, that when clicked earn the content publisher referral ... read more

Amazon affiliate WordPress plugin

An Amazon affiliate WordPress plugin is a plugin that helps you look up and insert Amazon affiliate links into your blog posts and pages. They vary in features ranging from looking up... read more

Amazon Associates

The Amazon Associates Program is a profit-sharing program Amazon has for content publishers. It helps ... read more

Amazon Bounty Program

The Amazon Bounty Program is a fixed fee program Amazon offers that pays a fixed fee, or "bounty" when a person you referred signs up for an Amazon service such including Prime, Amazon Music Unlimited... read more

Amazon influencer program

The Amazon Influencer Program is an exclusive program reserved for affiliates that meet a minimum threshold of social media followers. The influencer program allows the affiliate to create their own p... read more


ASIN is what Amazon calls its product identification numbers, ASIN stands for "Amazon Standard Identification Number". Regular product ASINs are composed of ten letters and numbers, and the ASINs for ... read more

Associates Program Operating Agreement

The Associates Program Operating Agreement is a legally binding agreement all Amazon Associates must sign and agree to. I highly recommend you actually read it in full. There are very specific guideli... read more

Authority Hacker

Authority Hacker is an affiliate marketing online learning center. They offer free video training courses, helpful blog posts, and run a podcast.... read more

autoresponder series

An autoresponder series is a specific sequence of emails pre-created and are automatically sent to subscribers who have opted in to receive the email series. Often times the emails change based on var... read more


Aweber is a popular email marketing platform for creating and sending email marketing campaigns or communicating with your audience who have opted into your lists.... read more

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