Affiliate Marketing Glossary

Lead Pages

Lead Pages is a service that allows you to build landing pages and simple websites using proven high converting layouts and techniques. A great option for those looking to collect leads and sell their... read more

link building tools

Link building tools are online software or widgets that help you build your affiliate links, usually with added attributes such as your affiliate tracking id or other campaign information. Link buildi... read more

link localization

Link localization is a popular technique for increasing your affiliate earnings for programs such as Amazon who have different website stores for different countries. It works by redirecting visitors ... read more

Link Whisper

Link Whisper is a WordPress plugin that helps you create and manage your internal linking structure with easy-to-use linking reports and tools. This plugin can help speed up your internal linking proc... read more

Liquid Web

Liquid Web is a managed web hosting company offering a wide array of hosting solutions. Liquid web has a lot of products inclusing VPS hosting, dedicated, cloud dedicated, managed WordPress, managed W... read more

long-form content

Long-form content is a form of web content that has a lot of text, images, or other content that is put together in a long web page. Long-form content is usually text heavy, meaning it has between 1,0... read more

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