Affiliate Marketing Glossary

text link

A text link is simply plain hyperlinked text within a paragraph or other HTML element. Affiliates add relevant text links to relevant products that they are promoting. If you click on some plain text ... read more

tracking id

In regards to affiliate marketing, a tracking id is a unique identifier used by affiliates within a hyperlink, that is attached to that specific affiliate. When a web visitor clicks a link with an aff... read more


Traffic in regards to affiliate marketing means website visitors, social media viewers, or people who view any of your online content. Most website owners want a high amount of relevant traffic, meani... read more

Transistor Podcast Hosting

Transistor Podcast Hosting is exactly what it sounds like. Web hosting optimized for Podcasts. Transistor Podcast Hosting also offers an analytics service for your podcasts, adding value to the hostin... read more

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