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Important Information for Success

Here are a few articles we strongly suggest reading to get started right away. All of your hard work may be for nothing if you don’t follow Amazon’s rules and they feel like picking on you.

Amazon Affiliate Disclosure

The Amazon Affiliate Disclosure and the FTC Guidelines (NEW Requirements)

In years past, the Amazon affiliate disclosure and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) guidelines were two entirely separate sets of rules that affiliate marketers had…

What Should I Do If I Lose Access to the Amazon Product Advertising API?

We’re sorry to hear that you’ve lost your API access, but all hope is not lost! What if you could easily add Amazon affiliate links…

Easy Ways to Monetize Any Type of Blog Post

How to Monetize ANY Blog Post with Amazon Associates

How to Monetize ANY Blog Post with Amazon Associates

Did you know that almost ANY blog post can potentially be monetized with Amazon Associates? Perhaps you were under the impression that you could only make money from Amazon by doing extensive product reviews.