No Amazon API? No Problem!

Most Amazon Plugins REQUIRE the Amazon API...

Attention Bloggers, WordPress Publishers, and Amazon Affiliates!

Perhaps you are you new to the Amazon Affiliate program and you don’t yet have access to their API? Maybe you’re not new, but Amazon has taken away your API access with their new strict quota policies…

You are now left with zero options when it comes to utilizing the power of Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugins. Yet these plugins are essential to fast earnings growth on your website.

Sounds like a pretty bad disadvantage, doesn’t it.

Most other Amazon WordPress plugins require access to the API, so you are left without an option.

If this describes you, then you know exactly what I mean.

AmaLinks Pro is excited to introduce some new features that puts the power of an Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin back into your hands and onto your pages.

Explore the different link types AmaLinks Pro has to offer that do NOT require access to the Product Advertising API

Getting your site visitors to interact with your page is vital to high click through rates (CTR’s). AmaLinks Pro offers multiple ways to add links to your page even if you do not have API access like most plugins require. Our link types are designed to increase your visitors “dwell time” which effectively guides them to eventually click on your affiliate links.

NO-API Responsive Product Comparison Table Builder

Every Amazon Affiliate knows that there is nothing like a good product comparison table to increase your clicks and commissions. People love them because they are extremely useful in making visual comparisons and casual web browsers can’t help but click on them.

Our responsive comparison tables take it to another level by adding a whole layer of user interaction such as pagination, real-time filtering, searching & sorting.

If that wasn’t enough, you can fully customize the table styles, search, messages & labels, and enable advanced browser memory caching.

All of this without the need for an Amazon API connection!

All successful affiliates know that product comparison tables increase user engagement, thereby increasing your affiliate link clicks. Sometimes, simply adding a simple comparison tables to your page can increase your total earnings substantially.

If you do not have affiliate product comparison tables on your sites – then you are missing out!


Features That Engage

After you have fun creating your tables with our extremely easy-to-use table builder, your website users will interact with your tables by filtering, sorting, scanning through multiple pages of results, comparing data and clicking your clear call-to-action buttons


Call-to-Action Buttons

When a text or image link within your content just won’t do it – a CTA button is exactly what you need to entice your readers to click. No API Needed.

Beautiful Product Showcase Boxes

You want to earn the highest commissions possible. One of the best ways to do this is to increase site interaction which leads to higher click through rates. Product Showcase Boxes are a great way to get your visitors attention and direct their eyes to your affiliate links & buttons.

Non-API Product Showcase Features

Non-API Image Links

AmaLinks Pro now assists you with inserting product images with your affiliate link into your posts. You don’t have to mess around with html in WordPress anymore to insert Amazon’s SiteStripe embed codes. 

To stay 100% compliant, you must either display images via the API or Amazon SiteStripe. 

How does Non-API Image Insertion Work?

  1. Log into your Amazon Associate account.
  2. Search Amazon from within your dashboard and it opens the search results on Amazon in a new browser tab.
  3. Choose a product and create your SiteStripe image embed code. Choose the image, size and preferred Amazon tracking ID. *This step is done directly on Amazon
  4. Paste the SiteStripe image embed code into the AmaLinks Pro wizard, align it how you want within the post and you are all done.

You Get Access to the Full Plugin

Not only do you get the special Non-API features listed above, but you also get full access to all of AmaLinks Pro. I want to make sure you understand that you are not getting less of a plugin by not having the API.

Using AmaLinks Pro without the API can help you make more referrals faster, thereby gaining access to the Product Advertising API as soon as possible.

When that time comes, simply uncheck the “No API” box, enter your API credentials, and start using the API driven features without any hassle.

All of your current links will keep working and now you can harness the power of the API. 


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