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A Tidal Wave of New Affiliates is Coming in 2021 …

In our recent special report “Revealed: The Next Affiliate Marketing Golden Bubble is Upon Us!“, we discussed how the Covid-19 pandemic has spurred a huge rise in eCommerce spending and online shopping. Combine this with the mature state the affiliate marketing industry has become, and you’ll find a brand new window of extraordinary opportunity that has presented itself.

If you thought the affiliate marketing industry was saturated – well it just thinned out.

eCommerce growth versus affiliate marketing growth

Although eCommerce has surged practically overnight, the number of experienced affiliates and the scope of their active campaigns surely did not grow as fast. It takes time for affiliates to build out successful websites and campaigns and to maintain them.

This is where the extra opportunity comes in. Experienced affiliates can take advantage of this huge gap between eCommerce growth rates and affiliate marketing growth rates.

People are discovering affiliate marketing at an unprecedented rate.

Important to note is that along with this pandemic fueled surge of contactless shopping, came a big wave of unemployment as brick-n-mortar businesses were forced to close their doors. The same thing that led to the giant surge in eCommerce, seems to have also caused a giant surge in affiliate marketing interest.

Since the Covid-19 pandemic is not going to just disappear overnight, this new wave of people discovering affiliate marketing is likely to result in an army of new affiliates finding their way.

These affiliate marketing trends sure are a great sign that the best days of affiliate marketing are still ahead of us!

For those that serve the affiliate marketing industry by either providing software, tools, or teaching … you definitely need to take a look at this. If you’ve ever wondered if staying in the affiliate marketing space was a good idea or not – this may shed some light on that for you.

AmaLinks Pro® is the Premiere Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin for all Amazon Affiliates.

After Amazon slashed commission rates in April 2020, many affiliate marketers thought it was the end for Amazon Affiliates. It just would not be worth it anymore.

While everybody was scrambling overnight to diversify, we here at AmaLinks Pro® decided to double-down and stick to supporting only the Amazon affiliate -program in our plugin.

How could we be the absolute best Amazon affiliate plugin if we diluted ourselves?

Our conclusion was that we couldn’t. To best serve all Amazon affiliates we needed to stick to what we do best.

AmaLinks Pro® is the Amazon Affiliate Plugin of the Future

If you are looking for a high-quality product that will help your audience and take advantage of this tidal wave of new affiliate marketers, we’re here. We are dedicated to updating and improving AmaLinks Pro®. Our lead support agent Josh offers top-notch support to our customers. We know what our customers want. We are always advancing, learning, and improving.

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