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Monetize your blog with the Amazon Affiliate Australia Program and AmaLinks Pro® (Amazon Affiliate AU)

Bloggers and affiliates can make money with the Amazon Associate Australia program and AmaLinks Pro®.

Amazon affiliate Australia

Despite a relatively small population and an outlying geographical position, Australia is a big player in the global eCommerce market. And as more Australians flocked to online shopping during the pandemic, the industry has continued to grow at a rapid pace. As one of the main players, Amazon is poised to reap the benefits of this boom, making now a great time to be a member of the Amazon Affiliate Australia program.

Below I’ll explain everything you need to know about the Amazon affiliate program in Australia, and why you should sign up today – even if you’re based outside of the country…

What is the Amazon Affiliate Australia Program?

The Amazon affiliate Australia program is a way for content creators, publishers, and bloggers to generate income from their audience. By including special Amazon affiliate links, website owners drive traffic to Amazon’s Australian store, and in the process earn a commission from any qualifying sales.

And with such a vast range of products, no matter which niche your website focuses on, there are bound to be relevant products for you to link to as an Amazon affiliate!

Before we delve into the specifics of the Amazon affiliate program in Australia, it’s useful to understand the broader picture of the Australian eCommerce sector.

eCommerce in Australia

Australia is wealthy, English-speaking, and economically developed, with almost 90% of the 25.3 million population active internet users. Add in the fact that Australia boasts one of the fastest mobile internet speeds in the world and it’s no surprise to learn that eCommerce is big business.

Top 10 Countries 2021

According to International Trade Administration:

Australia is the eleventh largest eCommerce market in the world, and revenue is predicted to reach USD25.7 billion in 2020 and USD32.3 billion by 2024. This represents a year-on-year increase of 15.5 percent.

All of this sounds hugely promising for us Amazon affiliates! So let’s take a closer look at how Amazon fits into the Australian economy.

Is Amazon Popular in Australia?

Amazon launched in Australia on December 4th, 2017 – one of the more recent additions to the Associates Program. As such it’s not so established in the marketplace as it is in other parts of the world. However, since that launch, the company has rapidly gained a strong foothold and continues to go from strength to strength.

Amazon Prime was added in June 2018, with its multi-benefit offering of fast and free delivery as well as access to services such as Prime Video and Prime Music. Amazon knows how attractive subscription TV packages are right now, and offering Prime Video at around half the price it costs for a Netflix subscription in Australia is a savvy move – and one that is sure to attract a lot of new subscribers and customers.

This report by confirms Amazon as the second most popular online marketplace in Australasia. Despite this, Amazon is still a considerable way behind eBay and so it knows it has some work to do to tempt customers away from this established and trusted vendor.

Who are Amazon’s Main Rivals in Australia?

Australia is the only place in the world where Amazon and eBay operate together and eBay are the market leaders. And while eBay does have a healthy lead out in front, Amazon is catching up, with around 28.5 million monthly visitors placing it firmly in second place.

But the Australian eCommerce marketplace is far from being just a two-horse race, as the following list shows:

  • eBay (61.7 million visits per month)
  • Woolworths (20.4 million) – Grocery, Pets, Baby.
  • JB Hi-Fi ((13.3 million) – Electronics
  • Big W (11.9 million) – Wide range of products
  • Coles (10.7 million) – Grocery
  • Kogan (10.2 million) – Wide range of products
  • Officeworks (9.45 million) – Stationary, Home Office
  • Chemist Warehouse (9.1 million) – Health Care
  • Catch (8.95 million) – Wide range of products
  • The Iconic (6.4 million) – Clothing

All of the eStores listed above are attracting many millions of monthly visits per month meaning there is a lot of competition in the Australian eCommerce marketplace. Some companies like Woolworths, Big W, Kogan, and Catch offer a wide range of products across various niches, as Amazon does. However, there are many other online stores that are more niche, specializing in a particular sector.

The Iconic is a hugely popular clothing store, with this sector one of the biggest in the country. And, as Australia’s cheapest chemist, Chemist Warehouse promises to ‘beat everyone’s prices’ – a sure way to attract customers in this highly profitable niche.

So, with this stiff competition, what is Amazon doing to carve out a bigger slice for itself?

Well, in 2020 Amazon invested AU$371 million in its Australian arm, with new distribution centers built in Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney. And sales for the 2020 calendar year were AU$1.12bn, up almost 100% from the prior year.

Amazon Australia is clearly heading in the right direction. And while the commission rates are so high, it’s a fantastic time to be a part of its affiliate program. Even if you’re not based in Australia and are not yet attracting readers from there, it could be a good time to try targetting some posts at that market to tap into those juicy commissions…

What Are The Commission Rates For The Amazon Affiliate Program in Australia?

Like every affiliate program, the commission rates with Amazon’s affiliate marketing program in Australia vary depending on the category. Rates also change frequently and so it’s best to never choose a niche purely based on the commission rate.

That said, the rates on Amazon Australia’s commission rates are some of the highest across the whole Associate’s program.

Here are the Fixed Standard Program Commission Rates for Specific Product Categories.

Updated March 2021

Product Category Fixed Standard Program Commission Rates
Amazon Kindle Accessories, Apparel, Jewelry, Luggage, Luxury Beauty, Shoes, Handbags & Accessories, Beauty 10.00%
Furniture, Home, Home Improvement, Lawn & Garden, Outdoors, Pets Products 9.00%
Musical Instruments 7.00%
Business & Industrial Supplies, Kitchen, Sports 6.00%
Physical Books, Software 5.50%
Baby Products, Camera, Cell Phones & Accessories, Electronics, Major Appliances, Office Products, Personal Care Appliances, Home Entertainment, Mobile Electronics 5.00%
Amazon Kindle Devices, Tools 4.50%
DVD & Blu-Ray, Physical Music, Automotive 3.50%
Digital Books, Health & Personal Care, Toys 3.00%
Digital Videos, Gift Cards, PC 2.00%
Grocery, Physical Video Games 1.00%
Amazon Appstore 0.00%
All Other Categories 4.00%


The chart above suggests that Amazon is keen to attract customers pretty much across the board. With eBay being so well established, Amazon is offering very attractive rates to affiliates in exchange for their links.

And using Amazon affiliates to drive traffic and sales is something Amazon has been doing from the very beginning. This is why the majority of the rates in the chart above sit at 8% or more, much higher than a lot of other countries. All of this is good for affiliates, making the choice to join the Amazon affiliate Australia program a no-brainer…

Can I Be a Member of More than One Amazon Associates Program?

If you’re not based in Australia but find your content is attracting readers from there, then you could be missing out on those international commissions.

Let’s say you’re already a member of the Amazon USA affiliate marketing program, but you realize from your analytics that a portion of your audience is from Australia. When those Australian readers click your US-specific Amazon affiliate link, they will not automatically be redirected to the Australian store, which means that you may not earn commissions on those referrals.

The way to fix this is simple.

  • Go onto the local page,, and sign in to your existing Amazon account using your details
  • Scroll to the bottom to find the Associates Program link
  • Click through and then click the sign-up button
  • Fill in the form to create your new Amazon Associates account and become a member of the Australian Amazon affiliate program.


Once you’ve signed up you need to ensure that your US and Australian Amazon Associates accounts are linked together. We recommend Geniuslink for this. When a user clicks an Amazon affiliate link in your content, Geniuslink automatically directs each user to the most relevant store for them, whilst keeping your affiliate link intact.

To ensure you’re maximizing your Amazon affiliate links and not leaving money on the table, check out our detailed guide link localization here.

How Much Can I Make From the Amazon Affiliate Marketing Program?

How much you earn through your Amazon Associates Australia program is really down to you. How much work are you able to put in? Some niche sites earn over $10,000 per month, others less than $10. Building successful affiliate sites is hard work – don’t let anyone tell you it’s passive income!

Affiliate marketing all comes down to how much quality content you are able to produce, how many visitors you can attract to your site, and how good you are at converting those visitors into customers.

Does AmaLinks Pro® Work With the Amazon Affiliate Australia Program?

AmaLinks Pro® is an incredibly powerful affiliate marketing WordPress plugin that helps you to convert readers into customers. It connects to your Amazon Associates account, allowing you to create different types of affiliate links with ease – without having to go into your Amazon Associates dashboard. And the great news is it works perfectly with the Amazon affiliate Australia program!

Offering a suite of different affiliate link options including product showcases, comparison tables, and fully customizable CTA buttons, AmaLinks Pro® is an investment that can pay for itself quickly! And we can prove it…

Do I Need the Amazon API to use the Amazon Affiliate Australia Program?

One of the real benefits of AmaLinks Pro® is that all of the product linking features work even if you don’t have access to Amazon’s API. When you first sign up for the Amazon Associates Australia program, you won’t have API access until you hit the magic number of 3 sales in 180 days. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t use AmaLinks Pro®’s powerful features to help you generate more clicks through to Amazon.

Check out this post for more details on how to use AmaLinks Pro® without the API.

Proven Results

Converting standard text-only product links to much more impactful product boxes is a far better way to promote products, get a higher click-through rate, and thus increase your conversion rate. And to prove it, Matt has been doing some A/B comparison testing on live websites to show what a difference using AmaLinks Pro®’s classy product boxes and showcases can make.

Results so far have shown increases in click-through rate of between 84% and a whopping 384%, even on pages that were already attracting a lot of page views and had a high CTR! Matt’s latest A/B test proves once again just how powerful a tool AmaLinks Pro® really is and how optimizing your product linking strategy can really help your business to grow.

AmaLinks Pro® Customer Case Studies

Check out these customer case studies. All three customers were able to increase the number of people clicking their Amazon affiliate links INSTANTLY by using the AmaLinks Pro® Product Showcase Boxes and Product Comparison Tables.


Check out this case study where we increased a customer’s click-through-rate by over 256% using our product showcase boxes!


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On one of our customer’s full product review style posts, we increased the click-through-rate by a whopping 263%!

How do I Become an Amazon Affiliate in Australia?

Signing up for the Amazon Australia affiliate program is both free and easy – and you don’t have to be based in Australia to sign up.

Step 1 – Build your site

Get your website built and fully functional – WordPress is by far the best website builder for affiliates, and the huge range of useful plug-ins and other tools can help your online business to really take off quickly.

Step 2 – Create content

Once the bones of your website are made, it’s time to flesh it out with content. I’d suggest you need at the very least 10 high-quality blog posts. At this point, be sure to spend the time doing keyword research so that those first posts give you the maximum chance of getting some eyes on them. Also, leverage your social media sites to direct people to your website. The faster you attract some readers, the faster you can move onto the next step…

Step 3 – Check your analytics

When you have some content uploaded, it’s time to look at your analytics to see just how many visitors you’re getting. If your analytics tell you your site is getting at least some regular visitors, now is the time to sign up for the Amazon affiliate Australia program.

Although you can sign up to the Amazon affiliate program at any time, you do need to make 3 qualifying sales in a 180 day period before your Amazon Associates account becomes active.

So you can see that if you sign up to the affiliate program before you have any regular readers, despite the fact you only need to make a few sales, your chances of making those qualifying sales are low, regardless of how enticing your affiliate links look.

Step 4 – Create Amazon Affiliate Links

Once you’re all signed up, it’s time to create Amazon affiliate links and begin to earn money by promoting products. Go through your content and add Amazon affiliate links to refer your readers to the products you recommend on the Amazon store. AmaLinks Pro® can really help your product links to look professional and enticing. Check out all of the fantastic benefits here.

So, Is The Amazon Affiliate Program Australia Worth It?

Absolutely! With an affluent and internet-savvy population and an increasing number of online shoppers, the Australian market is a fantastic avenue for affiliates to explore. And the Amazon affiliate program is by far and away the simplest affiliate network to begin with.

Amazon continues to grow its Australian arm of the business through new distribution centers and its Prime offerings. Couple that with attractive commission rates to entice affiliate marketers to join its ranks and all of this makes now a great time to become a member of the Amazon Affiliate Australia program and start earning commission on those affiliate sales.

I hope this article has been of value to you. For more, check out the AmaLinks Pro® blog for a ton of useful content to help you, whichever stage you’re at on your Amazon affiliate journey.