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Assist Maintaining a Clean Visual Appeal: The ONLY Tool to Offer No-API and API Shared Simple Visual Builder.

Because WordPress publishers deserve a simpler and more efficient way to connect to the world’s most powerful affiliate program – Amazon Associates.

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Insert Text & Image Links

Create, preview, edit and insert Amazon affiliate text/image links within your content with just a few easy clicks without ever leaving WordPress.

Call-to-Action Buttons

Increase your click-through rates by adding Amazon Compliant ‘Buy on Amazon’ buttons or easily design and create your own beautiful custom CTA buttons.

Product Showcases

Display product information, images, ratings, reviews & links in a Showcase Box, using data from the Amazon API – 100% compliant with Amazon’s Policies.

An Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin for
Bloggers and Pro Marketers

Bonnie W​

If you’re an Amazon associate, you NEED this plugin! As a mom of 5, I have limited time to spend blogging and need to use it wisely.

Before Amalinks Pro, I often didn’t add affiliate links to posts just because it took so much extra time to login to my Amazon account, find the links, and insert them into my post.

Now, I’m monetizing way more of my posts because it only takes a couple clicks of my mouse to insert an Amazon affiliate link!

This is one of the THE best, most useful plugins I’ve found!

Spencer Haws

Spencer Haws

I’ve been pleasantly surprised with how easy and versatile AmaLinks Pro® has been in helping me manage my Amazon affiliate links. In particular, I love the fact that I can custom create great-looking “buy” buttons that match my theme and are easy enough that my authors can insert my affiliate buttons in my articles.

“Is it the best tool out there? I’ll let you be the judge. I really like it. I use it on my sites. It does what I need it to do… now it really is right there at the top of the pile.”

Maximize Your Affiliate Link Clicks

Product Showcase Boxes:

  • Instantly increase profitability on your posts or pages
  • Readers WILL click on your affiliate links - they can't resist!
  • Proven to work - time and time again

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AmaLinks Pro® Customer Case Studies

Check out these customer case studies. All three customers were able to increase the number of people clicking their Amazon affiliate links INSTANTLY by using the AmaLinks Pro® Product Showcase Boxes and Product Comparison Tables.


Check out this case study where we increased a customer’s click-through-rate by over 256% using our product showcase boxes!


Here is another case study where using our product showcase boxes resulted in a 386% increase in Amazon Affiliate link clicks for one of our users.


On one of our customer’s full product review style posts, we increased the click-through-rate by a whopping 263%!

Easy Product Comparison Tables

Watch me build an Amazon product comparison table in
less than 3 minutes…

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Extensive Documentation

We provide a large library of video tutorials and troule-shooting guides! Learn about our features in detail and see how to fix common problems or issues.

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