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If you want to compare products side by side, product comparison tables are the way to go. They are very easy for your visitors to interact with, increasing your chances of earning more Amazon commissions.

Luckily, creating fully responsive Amazon product comparison tables, in just minutes, is now possible. The Table Builder Add-on for AmaLinks Pro is here and it is revolutionizing the way Amazon affiliates build comparison tables.

To fully appreciate our Table Builder Add-on – you really must watch one of our quick demo videos. You will be absolutely amazed at how easy it is to use and how fast you can create Amazon product comparison tables.

Are you ready to increase your Amazon affiliate conversions by adding beautiful, fully responsive, modern looking, product comparison tables on your WordPress site? The interactive and intuitive Table Builder Add-on for AmaLinks Pro enables you to add amazing tables easier and faster than you ever thought possible!

Take a look at the example table below. I was able to create this thing in a matter of just a few minutes.

Prices and images pulled from the Amazon Product Advertising API on:

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Table Builder Features

  • Fully responsive – hide columns on small, medium & large screens and they are added to a hidden dropdown under the product row with a toggle.
  • Interactive Table Builder – our table builder not only enables you to add beautifully complex tables to your website – it is also intuitive and so much fun to use
  • Easily search Amazon without leaving WordPress – find products to promote right within AmaLinks Pro (add multiple products to your table with a few easy clicks)
  • Advanced table features – will urge your site visitors to interact with your tables, thereby increasing the chance they will click through to Amazon
    • Column Sorting
    • Table Pagination
    • Table Search & Filtering
  • Comprehensive settings page – complete control over your tables as to how they appear and how they function
  • No coding necessary! – NEVER again will you have to create and edit complicated strings of shortcode to achieve table functionality
  • Enable custom styling – over 70 table styles you can tweak to perfection making your tables unique and to match the style on your website!
  • Live preview – while building your table – see it just like your visitors will see it – sorting, filtering, pagination & all
  • Nerdy tech stuff – the table HTML loads completely before making the API calls and activating the advanced features – so if something goes wrong, the table still displays for your users

Our table builder enables you to build beautiful, amazing, and high converting, product comparison tables with ease – and it’s fun!

Best Amazon Product Comparison Table s Generator for WordPress

Table Builder Benefits

  • Make more money – with the same amount of traffic, interactive product comparison tables typically increase CTR which ultimately increases your commissions
  • Save time – the Table Builder Add-on for AmaLinks Pro is super fast and extremely easy to use – no coding or advanced knowledge needed
  • Increase visitor “stickiness” – visitors stay on your site longer while comparing products on your eye-catching comparison tables
  • Compare Products – By offering detailed product comparison information for your site visitors, they are much more likely to make their buying decision through your website (which earns you a commission from Amazon)
  • Stay 100% Amazon Compliant – all prices & images are pulled from the Amazon Product Advertising API (this is necessary to keep your Amazon Associates account from getting banned)
    • At AmaLinks Pro – we understand the risk of having your Amazon Associates account banned and we take it very seriously
    • We always make sure our plugin stays 100% within the Amazon Associates Operating Policies (Terms of Service) to keep you safe and protected
  • No Coding Required – style your tables and insert Amazon data with ease
    • Customize your table styles to match your color scheme
    • Real-time Amazon prices & images pulled in automatically
  • Responsive settings and design – looks amazing on all screen sizes – (phones, tablets, & desktops)
  • Link Localization – don’t lose commissions from international traffic – Amazon OneLink & Genius Link integration

Create an unlimited number of tables per WordPress site – you own and control all of your tables – 100%. Manage all of your tables, per site, from one easy-to-use dashboard.

product comparison table plugin

Table Builder Settings

  • Slick Drag-n-drop Table builder interface
    • Add columns pulling data directly from Amazon
    • Responsive Settings – hide columns on mobile, tablet & desktop
    • Column Settings – vertical alignment, horizontal alignment, link this column to Amazon, & disable sorting
    • Search Amazon within the Table Builder and add multiple rows of products at a time
    • Drag-n-drop columns to change the order
    • Drag-n-drop rows to change the order
    • Choose your images & edit your text after it is pulled from Amazon
    • Live Table Preview
    • Nofollow links, open in new window, and use Amazon 90 Day “Add to Cart” cookie
  • Advanced Interactive Comparison Table Features
    • Table Column Sorting
    • Table Filtering
    • Table Pagination
    • Table Memory
    • Hide the Table Headers
  • Advanced Table Styles Settings
    • Customize colors, sizes, spacing and more
    • Tweak your table styles to perfectionAdvanced Table Styles Settings

Access your global table settings and styles then tweak your tables to whatever specifications and preferences suit you best.

amalinks pro table builder example

What are you waiting for?

If you don’t already have your own copy of AmaLinks Pro – you can grab yours right now! Within moments – you could be creating your very own Amazon product comparison tables using the Table Builder Add-on for AmaLinks Pro!

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