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Just Another Comparison Table with AmaLinks Pro®

Product comparison tables for Amazon products can vary greatly. They come in all shapes and sizes and their content can vary immensely. The Comparison Table Builder Add-on for AmaLinks Pro® makes it super fun and easy to create and edit tables to make them contain anything you want and appear however you want. We have a detailed post that explains everything about the AmaLinks Pro® Product Comparison Table Builder Add-on. Here – we just want to show you several examples using real tables actually created using our Table Builder.

An Advanced Product Comparison Table Demo

Look underneath the table for a detailed explanation of what is happening within the table!

AmaLinks Pro® Comparison Table Features

  • Table Filtering
    • With the Table Filtering feature enabled, you can allow your visitors to interact with your table searching by keyword! If there is one thing that helps conversions, it’s getting your visitors to interact with your page. Here is one great way to do exactly that. A visitor who has taken the time and effort to search and filter your page is a lot more likely to click on a result in the end.
    • Take a look at the table filter above to see where you can even add your own custom messages.
  • Table Headings
    • Who doesn’t love a sortable product comparison table? Another great way to get your visitors interacting with your table.
    • Take a look at the table above and you will notice that the image and CTA button columns are not sortable. We used the “disable sorting” on those two columns since it doesn’t help the visitor very much. The more we can make this a great experience for your visitors – the better.
  • Table Product Rows
    • Here is the most important part of your table – the product information. Take a look at the table above and you will see that the image and title of each row has an affiliate product link over the whole table cell. You will notice a slight darkening of the box when you hover over it with your mouse.
  • Table Pagination
    • When you enable table pagination, you can decide how many rows are displayed per page, and how many page numbers are displayed. This is great for building tables with up to our recommended maximum of 50 product rows. It makes is very user-friendly for your visitors
  • Advanced Table Memory
    • Here is one of the coolest features of our table. If you enable this in our settings here is what happens. If your visitors interact with your table in any way by sorting, filtering, searching, or changing pages – then leaves the page – their browser will remember the last state of the table and display it for the user the same way on the next visit. How cool is that?

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