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Amy Bair – Member Spotlight

Welcome to the latest edition of our Member Spotlight feature for the AmaLinks Pro® Million Dollar Challenge! We are pleased to welcome Amy Bair. Let’s get straight to the questions! Here we go…

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Tell us about you (and your family).

Amy and Kevin Bair

Where do you live?

I currently live in Northern Florida – near Tallahassee, although we are planning to move near Gainesville next year for more land. I grew up in Phoenix AZ and the older I got, the more I began hating all of that dry, brown stuff. Additionally, I had developed Adult Onset Asthma due to the pollution so knew I had to get out of there. My husband and I love the tropics so moved to Florida in 2013. We started in Miami, then Key Largo, and finally ended up where we are now.

What is your education level?

I hold both a BS and MS in Information Systems from Arizona State University. My education did start me on the path toward internet marketing and I have always preferred to work for myself so the two definitely go hand in hand.

How did you get started with internet marketing (making money online)?

I have ALWAYS wanted to work for myself and when we moved to the Keys, I decided I wanted more flexibility in my schedule so we could kayak in the middle of the day whenever we chose. I had wanted to build a website that could earn an income for several years anyway so decided then was the right time.

Would you mind sharing your website(s) or blog?

My website is

How much did you earn online last month?

**Not sure I want to advertise how much I earned but want to explain why. My affiliate income for my website is really low – like I made $20 last month low (I just checked. This year I have made $763 on Amazon. Jeff’s decision to half the commissions did NOT help!).

I have been struggling to monetize this site for years. This is one of the reasons I finally bought AmaLinks Pro® – needed to do something different.

Have you taken any online courses or training?

I have taken a ton of online courses and am currently in a coaching program where I get one on one help for my site. So far, I have spent probably $20,000 over the years trying to make the site profitable.

It has been worth it. I am always learning something new and I have joked constantly that my coaching program has been equivalent to getting another degree but this time in Internet Marketing.

Do you produce other types of content?

I have just finally started to acknowledge YouTube (LONG overdue tbh). My channel is

It’s still very much a Work in Progress.

Are you big on social media?

Pinterest brings in 60% of my traffic (my organic is 30%). In Spring, my monthly viewers almost made it to the million mark. If I have done anything right at all in this, it’s my Pinterest channel.

Have you had anything go viral?

I have a couple pins that went viral. Was very exciting. Traffic went up but the posts weren’t monetized very well so it did not make me any money worth bragging about.

What are some of your personal hobbies or passions?

I love gardening – though I mainly garden with a purpose and that’s for replacing my trips to the grocery store. In April, we bought 3 pullets (female chicks) who were only a few days old. They have been a ton of fun to raise and now after 6 months and $2000, I am finally getting one little egg a day. LOL

We also love going to the beach. There’s something about that ocean that relaxes and refreshes.

What is your big goal with your internet marketing ventures?

I would like Edible Terrace to replace my current income so I can focus mainly on it. I am envisioning ET someday being another Better Homes and Gardens! A true lifestyle blog.

What keeps you motivated to continue growing your internet income?

The end goal is what keeps me motivated. Additionally, I just love working on the site. Tweaking here. Testing there. I have been known to crash the site on an occasion or two when trying one of my latest experiments. Haha

I am pushing 50 too and my husband is disabled so we need to do a better job of filling our nest egg. I believe ET can help me with that.

What is your favorite book that you’ve read?

Yeah. I don’t have a favorite internet marketing book. I always start those with the best of intentions but never can finish them.

I am currently reading The Complete Kitchen Garden by Ellen Ecker Odgen and No Sweat by Dr Michelle Seager. The latter is a book about the science of motivation and exercising. It’s a good one. Totally recommend!

What is your favorite thing that you’ve purchased online recently?

I do shop on Amazon – almost obsessively. I actually just bought a desk that I can stand or sit at and a few days after getting it in and set-up, I realized I needed an anti fatigue mat in a big way – so ordered that next. It’s also a balance board. I am totally in love with it.

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