How To Use AmaLinks Pro Non-API Features

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If you don’t yet have access to the Amazon API or if you’ve lost your access – simply switch AmaLinks Pro into Non-API mode! In your WordPress menu, go to AmaLinks Pro > Settings and check the box to switch to Non-API mode then click the Save Changes button.

AmaLinks Pro - Non-API Settings

How Does AmaLinks Pro Non-API Mode Work?

Basically – AmaLinks Pro simply assists you in creating Site Stripe links and helps you insert those links into your Posts/Pages. Furthermore, AmaLinks Pro Non-API mode allows you to create and insert some of our more advanced link types, like CTA buttons and Showcase boxes – despite not having access to the API!

Here’s how it works… When you click the button, within AmaLinks Pro, to search Amazon – a new window opens up with the Amazon homepage open and the Site Stripe bar across the top. You simply search Amazon for your product or ASIN, use the Site Stripe bar to create your link type, then copy/paste that link into AmaLinks Pro per the on-page instructions.

Can’t you do this without AmaLinks Pro?

For text and image links -yes you can do this without AmaLinks Pro. But with AmaLinks Pro – you can also create higher converting CTA buttons and Showcase Boxes using Site Stripe links to pull in images and make sure your links are being properly attributed to the API.

How To Insert Non-API Images

Instructions and tutorial coming soon…

How To Insert Non-API Showcases

Instructions and tutorial coming soon…

How To Insert Non-API Call-to-Action Buttons

Instructions and tutorial coming soon…

How To Insert Non-API Product Comparison Tables

Feature in development and will be available soon…

Switching Between API mode and Non-API Mode

There are a few things you should know about going between modes.

I lost my Product Advertising API access, what happens to all of my links?

First off, since you are using AmaLinks Pro you don’t have to worry. If you have text links, image links or CTA buttons – the HTML or shortcode will still load as usual and they will keep working as expected.

If you have product showcases that use the API – everything will still load except the image & price – leaving your site visitor with a nice looking functional product box. This is called graceful degradation. Although something will not load, your users still get a nice experience.

If you are using the table builder, any price or image columns will not load the product data and your site visitors can still use the rest of the table as usual.

More Info and Tutorials Coming Soon…

At the time this post is being written – the AmaLinks Pro Non-API mode is only partly released and some of the features are still in development. We will update this post as new features become available and as soon as we get proper tutorials and instructions ready.


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